Tuesday, December 30, 2003

December 30

Basically, most Filipinos are well aware that the 30th Day of December is a Holiday, for the reason that this is the day that marks the execution of our Greatest Martyr - National Hero - Dr. Jose Rizal.

To some, December 30 also marks the dreadful terrorist bombing at BLumenttrit LRT station and Makati area, that claims several lives (mostly young ones, that are in that train for the reason that its still Christmas season and they are hoping to get some "aguialdos" from their Ninong and Ninangs)

And to others, (specially Politicians and Presidential Wanna be) this date mark the pledge of H.E. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that she will not run/compete in the coming 2004 Presidential Election. (a Pledge, that many knew she eventually reversed)... I read an article from one of strong>Philippine Daily Inquirers commentator, Mr. Conrado de Quiros regarding this "broken Vow" of Madam President, the Then and Now article features that comparison of Mada Presidents Pledge and the Last poem written by Doctor Jose Rizal. What really catch my attention in this piece is the final comment of Mr. Quiros in regards to whom they should have executed in "LUNETA "


Until now, IM still baffled of why GMA would still run for the presidency, I mean, doesn't she have enough? (the controversies/scandals/anomalies/blunders and mutiny). And if its true that the real reason that she is competing for a full-six year term, is that the people clamor for her leadership, why would she go to much extent to get Noli de Castro to be her running mate (in which, my former Favorite Broadcaster- happily obliged), ask Mr. Eddie Villanueva to reconsider his bid and go on several gimmicks (photo-ops with the captured terrorist and funerals) If the reason that she is running is because she believed that the people still want her to be their leader, she should be confident enough to run, even without Noli de Castro as her running mate, or even if all religious leaders declared their own bid to the presidential race. :shrug: If she really think that she have done well, thus earning the right to be the next President by 2004. She should be confident, even if she will be running against an extremely popular showbiz icon, she knows, she will win.


December 30, to many of us Filipinos are nothing more but another day in the Christmas Season/ for the workers is just another Holiday, another chance to gain additional bucks is they will be working in this day and be entitled in the double-pay routine, for the young-ones, it's just another day to go to a New Years party and be merry... I reckon that there is not even thousand Filipinos, that sees this day to thank Dr. Rizal in his contributions in establishing our beloved Country.


Saturday, December 27, 2003

Dis Season of JoY


What's with Christmas that tends to make someone forget the wrong, did to them by other people, or joyous feeling of giving something to those people that incidentally became your classmate, officemate, neighbor or relatives?

- i made new enemies,
- i start hating the season
- i fought with my GF three time within two days
- Wish everyone have a better one compare to me :D


what's with this particular day (25th of December) that people acted more lonelier or happier compare to any given day of the year?


Magic... I guess

------------------------------------Since time immemorial, Religious Sects have been debating whether Christ was really born on the 25th day of December, or if he was even born on this particular month. In some sector, they believe that Christ was born in a much warmer month for the reason that the sheep are grazing when he was born, others stated that he was born most probably in the month of October, others state that for the reason the most Pagan turned Christians celebrates the 25th of December as a day of Festivity for their Pagan Gods, that the Pope (at that time) declared that the 25th will be the day that Christians will be celebrating the Birth of the savior.


I really don't give a fuck whether Jesus was born in Mid July or early September, the thing is, he was born, to make true to the prophecies that a savior will be born from a Virgin mother in a stable, so that to fulfill the promise of GoD...

So to those people that refuse to believe that Christ was born on the 25th....P******* *******(Pagpalain nawa po kayo :D)

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Why People leaving ins the Shanties near Railroads and under the Bridges...should BURN in Hell


Three days ago my driver had an encounter in this area. After dropping me
off at work, the driver was on the south bound lane of South Super Highway
near the home along the riles housing (near Sunday Machine Works and
Designer Depot). As he came to a full stop at the San Andres intersection
stoplight, a man approached the car's rear passenger side, grabbed the
antenna and broke it. The man remained beside the car, apparently waiting
for the driver to get down and confront him. Fortunately, the driver
remembered my dad's warnings regarding these types of M.O.s and remained in
the car. As the driver sped away, he noticed a group of men on the center


Yes, I have witnessed a similar incident, maybe about a month ago, and
reported it immediately to Police 117. A young man tried to open the
passenger door of the taxi in front of me. About three or four girls were
inside the taxi at that time. Fortunately, the door was locked.

I pass this route coming from Malacanang every night. Fortunately for me
too, my car is heavily tinted so I am not easy prey.

I shall call 117 again. I suggest you do the same. Although I don't know
if that would really help.

Atty. Dara C. Acusar
Assistant Secretary
Office of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel


A similar incident happened
to me along Quirino Avenue somewhere between the
Flying V gas station and Iglesia ni Kristo. 3 men
approached my car IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! and SLOW TRAFFIC!
and tried to open the back doors. Bumusina ako ng
tuloy tuloy to ward them off. It's scary 'coz that
area has no patrolling policemen. When they failed to
open my car, they tried the other cars naman. I don't
know kung may nabuksan sila.

Then yesterday, while the PMAP rally was going on
along Buendia cor. Ayala, as I was about to cross that
intersection, two of the rallyists tried to open my
car doors again. Again in BROAD DAYLIGHT! WITH A
POLICEMAN AROUND! Hay, what the world has come to. I
suggest you lock up and make a lot of noise to at
least rattle those thieves.


mga tsong this really happend last wensday,
> september sept. 10.... and
> i
> hope u would take time in reading this........ i
> came from makati and
> was
> driving along south super highway (osmena hiway)
> going towards manila
> area,
> nung dumating ako sa maliit na bridge before the
> maliit
> na bazaar of clothes (corner quirino ave and osmena
> hiway) , if ur
> coming
> from makati and u took buendia or pablo ocampo,
> mauuna ung bridge
> before
> DESIGNER DEPOT ung nasa harap ko is a gold honda
> civic, all of a sudden
> may
> mga lumabas na around 6 or 7 guys who obviously look
> like squatters who
> reside along the riles and biglang tinambangan ung
> civic, pinagsisipa,
> pinagyug-yug, pinagkukutkot ung susian and they were
> successful in
> opening
> the doors, tapos nagulat na lang ako isa isa nilang
> nilabas ung mga
> gamit na
> nasa loob nung civic cds, bags, etc. im not sure
> kung ung driver is a
> girl
> or a boy , pero ung driver tinutukan ng kutsilyo...
> in short parang
> kinuyob
> ung civic, btw, ako and ung civic during that time(
> mga 830 - 9 pm) ay
> nasa
> right most ng lane... meaning right side lang namin
> ung lakaran ng
> tao.....
> after robbing... they immediately jump off the
> bridge and went
> away.....
> dami nakakita nun pero isang taxi driver lang ang
> tumigil to check ung
> condition ng driver.... nga pala, may oner na nasa
> harap ng katabi ng
> civic,
> sakay ay mga pulis, 2 lang ata yun,,, naka purple na
> uniform (manila
> police)...... i dont know kung nakita nila yung
> incident na yun....pero
> sa
> tingin ko naman makikita nila yun... natakot lang
> dahil 2 lang sila eh
> and
> their rusty pistols.... just a friendly warning mga
> tsong..... kung
> magisa
> kayo and mejo kita kayo sa loob ng kotse nyo (kahit
> ano pa yang kotse
> nyo,
> luma or bago) try to avoid muna if possible ung
> osmena hiway at night
> or
> better yet try to have another route kasi mejo
> nagpaparamdam nanaman
> ung mga
> modus operandi na tulad nun dahil pasko na ulet
> [IMAGE]if any of u guys
> have
> contact sa manila police, paki inform naman sila or
> just spread this
> news.... its for all us naman eh... peace!


Ingat kayo when passing through south super highway
> cor quirino ave. On
> our
> way home from Makati, we took buendia then turn
> right to south
> superhighway,
> it was only 8pmand it was drizzling. we were
> cruising fine but it was a
> slow
> moving traffic. right after san andres st, there are
> these buildings
> which
> are modern version of home along the riles (near the
> designers depot),
> my
> wife screamed because somebody was trying to open
> the car from her
> side.
> sensing that it was locked he moved to the back door
> and tried to open
> it
> likewise, we were stocked in traffic and i was
> stunned that i could not
> think of anything to do but just look at him. so
> when finally the
> traffic
> moved he also moved away casually tucking the gun in
> his belly and
> staring
> at me as if saying you are lucky you locked your
> door. thank GOD my
> wife is
> so makulit in reminding me to lock the door evertime
> we go. kaya to all
> you
> KAC people beware of that place. Actually you should
> be alert and be
> cautious when passing through south superhighway all
> the way to
> nagtahan.
> Karla Vanessa M. Redor
> www.geocities.com/k_psycho8
> www.karlaredor.tk


Ingat kayo sa OSMENA
> HIGHWAY near designer's
> depot
> Always better safe than sorry... forewarned is
> forearmed...
> mga bro ingat kayo run, malapit lang ako nakatira
> dun kaya talagang
> totoo
> yung mga sinasabi rito, karamihan ng mga tarantado
> diyan nde mismo taga
> ilalim ng tulay (tapat ng sunday machine works)
> ginagawa lang nila
> taguan
> yun at takasan, mostly ng tulisan diyan mga taga
> riles from Fabie, taga
> Texas, taga Muñoz, taga Mataas na Lupa at mismo taga
> riles (batangas
> line)
> uso rin ang agaw cellphone jan tsaka holdapan sa
> jeep lalo na sa riles
> ingat din kayo sa parking lot ng Designer's Depot
> kse yung iba doon
> naghahanap ng biktima (kase talagang madilim dun!)
> yan din ang isa sa mga reason kung bakit walang
> nakatira dun sa mga
> housing
> project na malapit dun
> dun sa tawiran sa kabila ng designers depot (yung
> maraming bata at
> totoy na
> nakatambay at yung iba nagbebenta ng sampaguita) wag
> din kayo tatawid
> dun
> dahil puro rugby boys and girls ang nakaupo run!
> ang masakit, walang ginagawa yung police detachment
> diyan!
> sana makatulong ng konti

Not only they don't contribute much to the country, they tend to become one of the problems...nuff said

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

presidential: (sino kaya ang iboboto koh)

5 Months from now, at least 20 Million Filipinos would be trekking once more to the public schools or municipalities to be able to cast their vote in the upcoming election. Once again, Filipinos would be choosing their next president to lead them in the next 6 years (or he/she will be impeach in the next 2 years... Which ever come first) :)
Anyway, lets discuss these Presidentiables and see their merits and demerits...

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo - incumbent President, posses the political machinery to help her race to re-presidency. "I'll be damn if ever iI even consider written her name in the ballot box, Even if you usually see her cute face (mukhang bata eh so cute :) ) in the news paper, doing photo-opt with suspected criminals and victims of calamity... It doesn't mean that she is working as a president. Many from the labor sectors and militants firmly believes that GMA betrayed their support during the EDSA dos, and many of her promises (just like any other politicians) were never realized (for example, the Jueteng thing). And like Cory, Gloria is perceived as a weak Presidents because of these mutiny thing happening here and there. I know that corruptions have been tin the Public Offices seen time immemorial but Government employees have stated that they never see such corruption before when Erap is still President. Thus, the people in the streets and the people in the public office don't like her, why should I?

Ping Lacson - Supercop, push the reforms for those boys in blue, Prime suspect and master mind of the so called Kuratong Baleleng shoot out. Ping said before that he doesn't like politics, and he firmly states that the reason why he run for senator last election is to ensure that someone with guts can hound the people vested with the powers to be in case they would do nasty things (like launder money or big time extortion?) The Filipino - Chinese favor him some how because they believe that he could actually put a stop to the rampant kidnapping (or em I talking about 4 years ago?). People at the southern Luzon believes that he should really be the next president so that criminality and lawlessness can be trim down thus encourage Investors. But his enemies warn that he might rule with an iron fist and martial law could be once again be implemented, once Ping hold the Palace seat. What ever it maybe, whether Ping's efforts is somehow clouded by his dark plans against those people that mess with him, or really to ensure that criminals would earn their rightful place behind bars, one thing is for sure... Ramon Tulfo should really start applying for that US visa :)

Raul Roco- when this "guy" ran last Presidential election (against Erap) I actually vote for this guy, for the reason that 1.) he is the number 1 choice of the "Youth" 2.) Among other aspirant, I don't know any scandal that Mr. Roco have been affiliated with and 3.) I admire his stance... But it all change when I realize what a pathetic loser he is (he wail to much in everything the Erap administration are trying to do) ... More so, when he was assigned DECS Secretary, even before he could achieve anything, he got booted out. Im not taking out the possibility that those that ask for his removal indeed got hurt by the reforms Mr. Roco are trying to apply at that institution, but the thing is... he is not a leader but a bully, with his temper that rivals Korina Sanches (pare pareho yang mga yan, naka ngiti pag sa harap nang camera pero nakanang puta ang ugali pag nasa backstage) his removal from DECS just stated that he could not achieve anything with the ways he is trying to do the job. He tends to demand things out, not asking anyone what will be the result, by the way he is reacting to the courtship of GMA, you could sense that he is hardheaded.. Actually it could be what this country needs... But the thing is... I hate gays, I think he is more of a fag than what others are saying to Ping L.

FPJ even thou I share the same belief of 30% of the entire Educated Filipinos in the country (30% lang mga tsong, hati hati pa ayng mga yan nang iboboto) that FPJ is not "that" capable to run a country, I still admire him compare to GMA/ ROCO/ Ping combined. This guy is a modern day Andres Bonifacio, striving from a young age to help his family after the death of FP sr. Anyone that mock his educational attainment is mocking Andres Bonifacio himself, also unable to finish schooling due to scarcity of time and resources. Even thou I myself believe that FPJ would be a puppet to the whim of Angara, I am still hoping that if he win (in which if GMA continues to Run, it will be inevitable) He could do something to turn this country around.