Friday, January 16, 2004

NOTE: Well i can't find a link, but just incase people... if you have a chance to see today's issue of the "Philippine Daily Inquirer" you will notice in the Front Page a very artistic shot of the Philippine Politicians -

(they can pose as models for Lacoste :D )
Who are the Filipinos:

Technically speaking, an individual is considered a Filipino if he is naturally born in the Philippines by a Filipino parents (either only a mother or a father). If we are going to refer into georgraphy - Filipinos are malayans that resides in the archipelago of that 7, 107 islands between South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, over the Celebes sea and just below Taiwan. Historically speaking, back in the early 1600 - Filipinos are people born in the Philippines by their Spanish parents. When revolutions comes, those that are educated, able to speak both Spanish and tagalog are considered Filipinos. After the liberation (with the help of the ever reliable American nation) the Then President Emilio Aguinaldo proclaim that we are free from the "foreign Rule" declared those that are living in the Philippines, with brown skins and mostly flat nose... Are all Filipinos.

"IKAW? Ano nga ba talaga ang Pilipino.... paano nga ba maging Pilipino?"
(You! What do you think does take to be a Filipino.... How can we claim that we are a Filipino)

Is it enough that we have brown skin, semi-curled hair or able to speak tagalog fluently or have been born in one of those 7,107 islands that are between South China Sea and Pacific Ocean? Is it enough that we eat adobo, know who Jose Rizal is and know how to sing the "Lupang Hinirang"? Are these enough grounds to claim that one is a Filipino?

Or maybe, we can consider that a person is a Filipino is he can take a leak (urinate) almost anywhere (in the out door or in public areas). He knows that when ever a police officer is waving at you, he is just asking for some "dough" for lunch. He doesn't fall in line (willingly) , doesn't use the pedestrian line or the overpass. Rode a jeepney everyday, knows all the antics in asking the driver (Hey you freaking idiot, stop this junk I want to get off) with just a knock in the roof or a single high-pitch whistle. Are those people that are always late to work or a meeting, Adore everything that came from the US or Europe. Very much good in imitating things and pirating intellectual products (i.e. Musical Album, Recent movies and Porno graphic Materials). A maid in Hong Kong/ a 4-year Graduate form College domestic Helper in Europe/ a Degree Holder Picking Orange in Australia/ a peon in those oil rigs at the middle East/ A Doctor from the Philippines tasking up Nursing so they can go to the US... Are these people are the ones considered a Filipino.


This thought came to me after riding a taxi driver listening to a local A.M. station discussing the allegation to the number one contender for the Philippine Presidency : Fernando Poe Jr.

the program have ask the hearing public about their opinion regarding the true citizenry of Mr. Poe. Even thou I am not surprise that many that called came from those that are member of class C and D, it amused me when I heard their sentiments regarding the accusations against their "idol". One man, actually an old one...I believe the announcer called him by the name of "Lolo Piong". And Lolo Piong stated that (to the question what does it take for a man to be considered as a Filipino) a man can be considered as a Filipino is his in his mind, soul and action are Filipino... And a real Filipino is "helpful" (we all know the Balikatan phenomenon) loving to his country men and a true believer of God. Another caller even remind the listener about the Filipino Pledge that I think every public school students are very much familiar (and tired off) - Panatang makabayan - "sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa"

Other even mentioned that "So what if your born by your Filipino parents, legally wed and everything, unless your ways and your heart are not for the Filipino, no matter how brown is your freaking skin is, your not a Filipino!"

OK... The reason that I ranting regarding this is that, We have been free from the Spanish rule for the past 100 hundred years, and American Rule for more than 50 Years (so it seems) Yet we fail to know how to became a real Filipino, we hail Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and several others as our heroes yet we never try to do anything close to the same sacrifice they have given for the country or even make them proud that their sacrifice is all worth it... How long shall it take, before we can truly say that.... We are Filipinos and we are Proud to be one.