Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In the Eve of Political Turmoil

Coming from P.I.A on my way back to Intramuros i pass thru the Quezon Boulevard, there in San Domingo Church I saw various Militants, basically those that were identified with the deposed President Estrada, and some groups that also joined the recent EDSA movement. it seems they are building up their forces for the upcoming movement this coming saturday, among them are the media and some students... one will be able to notice those familiar banners and makeshift placards calling for the resignation of the president...
a couple of blocks from san Domingo church, in the Welcome rotonda, there i saw another groups building up, but unlike the militants statoned at the San Domingo church, these groups are in small numbers but rich with banners saying "Shut Up""Trabaho hindi Gulo" and "no to Destabilization", common sense will say that these group are pro administration.
If one would be able to observe, unlike the militants building up in the San domingo church, the banners and streamers of the people holding the Welcome Rotonda are using tarpaulin made banners and framed placards in full colors. i have been engage in producing the same materials in my ojt and quite experience in how much these things cost... by looking at those materials, it seems that it could be roughly be amounting to 30-40,000 already. excluding the food packs that the people in Welcome Rotonda seems to be enjoying. comparing the two groups, it seems other than the number of people joing the movement, the people in welcome rotonda is abundant in everything to stage a political rally.
another thing one could observe would be the vicinity of what seems to be a pro-administration rallyist to t he Police/military personnel stationed near the University of Sto. Tomas.
Now, many would say that those police units are there to prevent troubles, and that is what it seems. but looking closely, why is it that they let the pro-administration establish a staging point very near to the group calling for the ouster of the incumbent.? if ever havoc would be brought out, the question would be who started it first,a dn if the police is really there to provent troubles, why not pose there selves between the two groups with comflicting political view?
is it staged?
and regarding the materials and resources used by the those stationed in Welcome Rotonda, who is this generous enough to finance something just to express their support to the incumbent?
looking at the people in the welcome rotonda, their faces is quite similar to those same faces one would see if his been in slump areas rampant here in the city -
one can observe that there are no enthusiasm in their face, as if they are there not because of something they believe in...
The same face one would see during the same times when the country is in political turmoil -

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Fire is Out, the Passion is gone
I Guess were tired
So it seems that even if there will be a real "hard" evidence against the regime of Macapagal Arroyo, people would hardly care.
Even if all the Jueteng Lords in this country admit it that Arroyo have been receiving Payola from this illegal games, the people would hardly care
whether its because they know that
-her removal would not change their socio-economic status
-her resignation would give way to a Puppet of the Elite
-the change would only mean a new guy would be recieiving the same damn payolas
- her admission would not really help the country nor eliminate the scourge of this illegal number game.
The Truth doesnt matter anymore, a friend told me, who cares really if those confessed bagman-turned-state-witness are telling the truth or being used by the opposition to grab the power once more.
Who cares if FPJ is really telling the truth that his been cheated in the previous election
Who cares if the COMELEC is nothing but a puppet of the Ramos-Aquino-Arroyo reign to hold this country untill it crumbles.
Who cares if the dollar end up amounting P100.00/$
It will all be the same, in the eyes of the poor...
the only difference is, we will be much greater in number than before.
there will be no more Edsa, no more cry that the Truth have been murdered, no more College students walking the streets of Quezon City and Manila to express their seemingly disgust tot he current administration. No congressman walking out of the Senate Hall because a lousy envelope were refused to be open, no more murders in the Airport, no more tanks to be stop by the nuns and priest, no more spitting of Politicians, or creating hundreds of websites dedicated to the removal of the president. No more cheap publications designed to the ouster of the president.
All of them are monkeys in a clown suite in the peoples eyes, makes one wonder how come we keep seeing the same entertainers in our Senate Halls and Presidential Palace.
If only we become tierd immediately after the 1st one :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Short Sighted

I was talking to a collegue, about how some people tend to collect things that seem to be insignificant for our daily toys or comic books. He said that many Americans have these tendency, maybe because they are really fanatics of just plain lucky to have some extra cash. But one needs to understand why people collect things, is it plain hobby or something else.

My collegue share to me that when he was working at McDonalds at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia... his co-workers wonders why he spend 200 dollars for a bunch of Snoopy Figurines (the Character in the comic Peanuts). He said that even though it seems stupid now, one ould not deny the value this things could hold several decades from now, these things are collectors items, specially now that the author of that world famous comic book-Mr. Charles M. Schulz - have died.Sooner or later, other hobbyist would be looking for these items to add for their collections, thus such investments could actually paid off.

Now, what that teach us?

Ever wonder howcome we have a huge problems with traffic, or with overpopulation and political leadership. Because most of our countrymen have a hard time looking farther than tommorow (some are even sooo short sighted, they can even look beyond NOW).


If our leaders just stop think before they start creating something, they might realized that some roads/bridges or infrastructure should be made trice of the original necessity of the present times. It's just like one of those stories shared by Sen. Juan Flavier in his book "Back to the Barrios" He narrate that some barrio folks thought that the contrcution of the bridge have been excessive for it now can hold five carabaos walking side by side, but ten years after, that same bridge have proven to be obsolete. Same with the widening project of the NLEX 8 years ago, after adding another lane from Malinta tollgate to Balintawak, 4 years after, they undergo a much larger contruction, wasting the contruction of that same lanes 4 years earlier. some might say that making something excessive for the current use is expensive... but looking at homw much it gonna cost now, and the cost and hassle it will bring a few years after, i guess its very much justifiable.

Leadership and Population

As long as we as a country failed to look farther to the horizon, we could never expect progress in our country, Why do people keep voting and installing the same leaders that we know are corrupt and have vested interest. Why are we so willing to sell our vote thinking that whoever we place there could never help us in our effort to have a better life. why are we so stuborn to always worry things when they are alreay here and never plan ahead, How come so many marriage and childbirth seems to be aproduct of an accident rather than a well place plan.

We cry for change, we thirst for progress, yet we refuse to lif our head and look beyond the horizon