Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Casting a Vote

Yesterday, 43 million of my countrymen trek to their local precinct to once more live their right of suffrage and vote their respective candidates from the President to the municipal councilors.

and yes, I myself share the hassles and difficulties in trying to cast your vote to the official ballots. We started early, yet encounter some problems when we were told that we are in the wrong precinct and the proper precinct still doesnt have the list of voters in their hands. We line up there for 2 hours just to cast our votes to the people that will end up rubbing us blind the moment they taken their respective seats.

Well, I guess it will still be long before my countrymen will wake up in their illusion that those that gave them 300 hundred bucks every election will be the key to their salvation from poverty. Those that promise them food in their table will actually deliver the same old promise. those that claim that have studied abroad will be the ones to give them a decent work...

Im betting that i'll be rotting six feet under before such awakening to my beloved country. But unlike the most of my countrymen, I still have faith, that my prediction are wrong, and one day, I will see the real "Dawn" of my Mother LAND

VOTEs that I Cast

President: Panfilo "Ping" Lacson (I really believe that his stance of discipline can really help this country in this time of disarray and lost of confidence to the leadership
Vice-President: Loren Legarda (Well, she did a lot of help to the public and to the nature, i do believe she will do better as a Vice President compare to ol' Kabayan)

Dick Godon - What can i say, the man have lots of achievements, and everybody wanted him to make the same miracle he did to Subic

Ponce Enrile - Well he did help in bringging to the publics attention the PPA anomaly (damn those Lopezes for robbing us!)

Robert Jaworski
- most of his achievements and contributions have help the Philippine Sports and providing the most necessary element to the human being "water" to the barangay level.

Jamby Madrigal - well what can I say, she been hoping for a seat for the past 2 senatorial election, let her have it :D

Ernesto Maceda - according to ol' Tulfo, this guy really place shiver to the other corrupt officials :D

Carlos Padilla
- what can I say, Im a Ping Fanatic

Frank Chavez
- plain and simple, He deserve to be in the Senate

Alfredo Lim & Rodolfo Biazon - cause we need men that was trained in the iron will of discipline to be among those that will forge laws for this society

Dilangalen, Didagen & Meriam Defensor Santiago - To make the freaking senate more livelier

Herrera - I do believe this guy have done more even thou he suffer the lost of his ability to walk on his feet.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

A Sad Story

Yesterday, I recieve a very strange phone call from a guy named "Salde", he is looking for the secretary of Mr. Raffy David, I inform him that he is speaking with him. Now, Salde ask me if hr could leave a message to Mr. David and inform me the urgency of the message. I told him "Yeah, well sure... what is it?" Then he told me that his father once works as a carpenter in my boss residence in Valle Verde. and he mentioned that two years ago, my boss "Promised" to Salde's dad that if he ever need something, do not hesitate to seek his assistance. Not long after that promise, The Carpenter (Salde's father) got sick, and true to his promise, my boss according to Salde, gave his assistance by giving him some money(the amount was used to purchase medicines and drugs) Now, the by also told me the sad news that his father have passed away, The reason that he gather enough guts to call my boss office is to beg for the last time to my boss in order for them to claim his father's remain that is being held in the morgue because they couldn’t pay off the amount of 850.00 pesos.

After getting details from Salde (i.e. Address, land marks) I ask him to call me back after an hour to get Mr. David's response to this message. Salde is already crying at this time, and you could really feel in his voice the pain and helplessness. I tried calling my boss, but it seems to be his on a meeting, so I texted him. After 40 minutes, I receive his reply; He called me and told me this -" I don’t know anyone by that name or i could not remember anyone that has that name or any of my family members remember this person" - I tried clarifying it with him, telling my boss that He once helped them before, and they are now trying to get one last help from him. But my boss stand firm that he knows no one with that name or remember anything about it.

I was really heartbroken, knowing that the guy will be calling me again, and hoping to hear a good news, yet what I will tell him is the exact opposite. (Bad enough that some one will reject your plea for help...but its far worst, if some one actually reject the idea that they know you) After ten minutes or so, Salde did call and I gave him the bad news, I could hear him broke down...as if the entire world just fallen out on him...He mentioned that he was force to go to the Town because its the only place where there is a Pay phone for him to make that call. That his entire family is really hoping that my boss will be their Hero in that time of need. But I guess fate have once more played tricks on them. A very sad trick... I could really feel Salde's pain, for up to know I could not believe that my father is no longer with us. Yet, I’m still thankful that my father earned the love and respect of those people that attend his wake, guess I could say we have it easy in regards to burying my Father.

i could not sleep that night, thinking... what if its true....what if that guy really lose a father, and now is struggling to give their father a decent burial, yet they don’t have the resources to do so. I really wish my boss gave a fraction of time to verify who are those guys anyway.

To be fare to my boss, his a very generous person, but there are times that he tend to give promises to those people that he only met once, and unfortunately those guys honor his word. Well my boss, most of the time really strive to help those that he promises to help... but sometimes, it really sucks when the time came, when you really need some help... and the one that you expect to do it, give you a cold shoulder.



I just read in the news today, Two men were slain because they struggle to fight off several men that conduct a Hold-up in a bus traveling in EDSA Hi-way. Two men are dead because a bunch of guys, wanted to earn with sweating it out, because of greed and stupidity, another family have lost a father, a brother, a husband because some guys are too darn lazy to stretch some muscle or use their brain to earn a decent living.

I also read that the holdapers were drunk when they conducted the act. Fortunately, concern citizens informed the authorities and were able to stop these marauders.

I say, they should be executed right on the spot, this kind of behavior should not be taken lightly, when will we learn that these kind of people have abused the compassion that our society (breed by religion and being apathetic) have given them. This kind of criminals will go on and on, killing off innocent civilians that done nothing but to be in a wrong place at a wrong time. There are witness that they killed those two guys, what will be their defense for shooting that guy...NONE! Thus, I say, let give them something that they truly deserve, a one way ticket To HELL!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

For the Kicks:

Well, Me and my GF have been going steady for the past three years, and yeah...there are lots and lots of time that i said to my self "Why is it soo hard to understand them"...guess they are asking the same thing.

Well, being a US nave have its ups and down...LOL

BEER = Helping Pinoys kill each other since 1951

At least you can get it now for free (or not)

My "Ball Sport" area is my (PC GAMES) area and i have a 5% larger Domestic Skills