Thursday, June 17, 2004

Election Aftermath

Filibustering-well that another word for my limited lay mans dictionary We all know how people from all walks of life hate and disgusted with Sen. Pimentel in his role in "delaying" the canvasing, How others claim that he is no longer the man they know back in the Marcos years, nor he was still the man that have been considered the champion of Human rights... i have read Phil Star inbox various comments regarding Pimentel's "Filibustering" and how he is wasting time and Tax payers money to "Grand-Stand" in this scenario... But somehow, it seems that majority of our country men really does not understand why Pimentel is "really" doing this.

I m a person that is very fond of the previous World War, i play PC games such as Call of Duty/ Suddenstrike 2/ Pacific Theater of Operations and the likes... looking at this situation at the senate, it made me remember the comment that Gen. Erwin Rommel made when he was pondering about the impending Allied invasion at France, he is well aware that if Germany lose the Beach, they will lose the WAR.

Well, it doesn't take more than commonsense to see that GMA cheated (in the grandest scale) in the last Presidential Election. Stealing votes from all the candidates, getting more votes than the actual registered voters, and making votes made for rival candidates to vanished into thin air. GMA is very much resourceful in terms of budget and connection...not to mention influence... just like the Allied forces in that fateful dau of June 6 1944. GMA has all the resources she needs to make a grand invasion to the voting precints... Pimentel is just trying to emphasis that before proclaiming anyone to be the next president, we must be sure that it was the "real" mandate of the Filipino People... IMO, his not wasting Tax payers money but actually giving its worth that we will have a true elected leader in our midst.

If Pimentel is wasting Taxpayers money, then we should all cry foul how GMA wasted our "tax money" in helping her trick those poor souls in voting for her because she have given them health cards that are years over due... and how about Chairman Abalos, how his Automated Voting gone to waste after investing billions of pesos to the so called computerized election? If you think Pimentel stinks now... i really don't know how unbearable the stench of those two that I mentioned.


Well, everybody is tiered already about the things happening in the canvassing, most Filipinos doesn't even care who is leading in this "official" canvass. I mean come on, the minimum fare in the PUJ is 5.50 pesos already, from 4.00 pesos a week ago, within 2 months, Fare have increase to at least 30+% (50+% if you'll include that .75 increase three months ago. and everybody is saying "Oh come on, get it over with already...GMA won already, and who cares is she cheated, everyone will cheat given the chance and the machinery, everyone will stay in power! so what if she used PAGCOR funds in the last election, she'll end up using it anyway, same if Erap is still the president, he'll use it to help the one he will be endorsing provided he didn't got booted out in that EDSA 2 scenario"


Makes you wonder, how come when the people thought they were cheated in the last impeachment in Estrada's administration, they run to the streets... but when it is obvious that the people are once again "cheated" in this Presidential Election, it seems that going to the streets is a stupid option. (well thats what the elite are saying) and any form of protest is an act of Destabilization (Darn, i think that word have been used too much in this Administration) its like this:

Meaning of Protest in terms of Regime

Marcos regime- Democracy at Work
Cory Regime - Communist Militant at Work
Ramos Regime - Democratic Militant at Work
Estrada Regime - Democracy at work
Arroyo Regime - Destabilization move

anyway, why I should I care, Prizes are going no where but up, unemployment is booming with all this non-medical graduates no where to go but as CC agents (medical graduates can always apply abroad, with all the wars going on in the middle east, US needs all those nurses to take care of those poor soldiers.

-My point (i really should stop this sideways habit of mine).

It really obvious that if the People were convinced that Estrada is trying to cheat his way out of that impeachment, with that 2nd envelope thing that end up containing nothing really significant (I think i read in the PDI that is there is anyone to blame why Erap lost the Presidency, it would be those 11 senators that voted No) The Opposition is hoping to convince the people that Arroyo is cheating her way "IN" to the Presidency