Monday, February 23, 2004


I know Quiapo since I was a kid, even before its reputations have always been a busy, dirty, haven to petty thieves’ place. 20 years past and it never change...The reputation that is. But many things have change, specially, when Mayor Lito Atienza took the mayoralty, 6 years ago. One of the notable changes that he did was the restoration of Plaza Miranda, and the Underpass. The Passageway the connect Carriedo with Hidalgo, before most people dread to use the underpass just to go to the other side of Quezon Blvd. The underpass is poorly lighted, congested with vendors and passerby alike. This kind of situation is haven to those that would like to commit petty thievery like snatching or hold-ups. Mayor Atienza changes it by removing the vendors from the underpass and constructed stalls where those vendors can place their ware with out obstructing the hallways. And ensure that the people using the underpass will be less afraid when using it.

But of course, it is still crowded, what can you expect from a city that has 20 million population during weekdays.
But at least, the changes gives the ordinary Manilenean a feeling security and beauty, every time they walk the steps of that Quiapo underpass into Plaza Miranda. And after the restoration of Carrieo and part of the Sta. Cruz Area, one can't help but say thanks to Mayor Atienza for his initiative to beautify this Capital City of My country.


I went to my Godmother that resides in Concepcion Aguila St. (Quiapo, Manila) last Saturday. I was sent there by my mother to remind her that my Father's 40th day of death will be this coming February 27th. We Catholic- Filipinos have this tradition that we should offer the final prayer to our dead when the 40th day from the time of it's death came. Anyway, after informing my Godmother, I also inform her that I will be buying some flowers for my Dad's grave, she ask my Godfather to accompany me to those that sell Flowers in-front of the Quiapo Church at Plaza Miranda (Quiapo). My uncle is not a big man, he just stand I guess a 5-foot flat, with a balding head and a crooked back. But back then, 20 years ago, I was told that my uncle is one of the tough guys in that area. They say that no one will touch you while you are in Quiapo is you inform them that you are related with "Jerrying Kirat" which is what the people back then are fond of calling him because his left eye is blind.

I really don't know if they still consider him a tough guy, but one thing is for sure, almost everyone in that area know him, maybe because he is a kubrador of Jueteng (a local gambling game that feature two sets of numbers that is draw twice a day. the winner usually win 10,000 pesos for every 10 pesos bet that they made.) and his former identity in that area. I didn’t have a hard time buying myself some flowers, the vendor even pick the most beautiful bouquet for me because my Godfather inform them that I am his godson. Looking in the face of those people at quiapo will sometimes stir your mind on the hardships these people have to endure to be able to get a living, whether if its selling some pirated CD's or smuggled goods, you can see in their face that these people have endured so much and will continue on enduring. Same with my Godfather, even thou he is no longer that tough guy that the people of Quiapo once call Jerrying Kirat, they always see him as like them, no matter what happen, they will endure the hardship of living... in the streets of Quiapo

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Here are some outstanding (not to mention very funny) quotes from the classic scifi film: "Plan 9 From Outer Space" --- considered by many to be the "worst" movie ever made.


Criswell (narrator): "Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember, my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future."

Paula Trent (to husband): "You seem to still be up THERE somewhere."

Jeff Trent: "I saw a flying saucer."

Paula: "Saucer? You mean the kind from up THERE?"

Col. Tom Edwards (referring to UFOs) : "For a time we tried to contact them by radio, but no response. Then they attacked a town---a SMALL town, I'll admit..."

Jeff Trent (to his wife): "Oh, forget about the flying saucers-- they're up THERE. But there's something in that cemetery."

Paula Trent: "The saucers are up THERE. And the cemetery's out THERE. But I'll be locked up in THERE." (points to his house)

Lt. Harper (Investigating an open grave) : "Well, let's go down and find out whose grave it is."

Kelton: "How?"

Lt. Harper: "By going down and finding out!"

Col. Edwards: "This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard."

Jeff: "And every word of it's true, too."

Col. Edwards: "That's the fantastic part of it."

(A disintegration ray instantly turns a man into a skeleton.)

Col. Edwards: "What do you make of that?"

Lt. Harper: "You got me. He didn't look that way a minute ago."

Eros: You humans and your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!’

(Harper, Trent and Edwards confront the aliens, Eros and Tanna.)

Eros: "You do not need guns. They would be of no use to you now."

Lt. Harper: "They've been mighty useful before on flesh and blood-- and you two look like you've got a LOT of both!"

Detective: "One thing's sure, Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody's responsible."

Eros: You do not need guns.

Jeff Trent: Maybe we think we do.

Colonel Edwards: Why is it so important that you want to contact the governments of our earth?

Eros: Because all you of Earth are idiots!

Jeff Trent: Now you just hold on, Buster.

Eros: No, you hold on! First was your firecracker, a harmless explosive. Then your hand grenade: you began to kill your own people, a few at a time. Then the bomb. Then a larger bomb: many people are killed at one time. Then your scientists stumbled upon the atom bomb, split the atom. Then the hydrogen bomb, where you actually explode the air itself. Now you can arrange the total destruction of the entire universe served by our sun: The only explosion left is... the Solaranite.

Colonel Edwards: Why, there's no such thing!


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

To all FPJ Jokes and Criticism


to all them people that "really" thinks the
candidacy of Mr. Ronnie Poe is a joke, and him
being elected will make us a laughingstock for
the World...i ask you this...can you do better?


its bad enough that i see some Politicians that
they themselves do little in their own
constituents criticize FPJ... but to see and hear
people, that earn less and hell no one except
their self, and did nothing for the country other
than complain, do the same, is sickening... come

To those that are not f***** aware, FPJ failed
to finish schooling for the f**** reason that
he need to take over the burden of becoming a
head of a family after the death of his father. I
seen other people, both educated and living in
prestige crumble and hide when they are the ones
called to carry such a task...

Ask your fucking self, can you do the same given
the same scenario in your freaking worthless
lives... i guess not.

Don't get me wrong, i do not intend to vote for
FPJ this coming election, (Pro Eddie ako eh... he
he he...sayang, hind nila pinatakbo si Amay


It just pissed me off seeing people, claim that
they are better that the other, or their choice
is superior that the next man... Eh p*ta...

--Galit na Galit--