Tuesday, August 31, 2004

EVER wonder about RELIGION?

Nowadays, people are blaming religion for the current events happening in the middle east and some parts of Europe, the thoughts that Religion have generated more Hate, Wars and suffering than anything this planet have seen is getting more intense...

Here is a link of such discussion - One mans, disillusion, cause a thousand years or WAR

In regards to this discussion, this is my 2 cents in blaming religion as the cause of it all:

Just wondering... with all this thoughts of how the world have been a mess because of (no...it is just darn stupid to blame Christianity, Islam or Judaism to the current woes of the world) "conflict of belief" (not religion perse) Ever wonder if this Planet would have reach this stage with all nationalities still intact if there are no scuh religion?or lets just say only one religion prevail? (well... im under the impression that people has this thing of getting " strenght and assurance" when they ought to believed into something)do you really think... the world would have been better...I was told that in China... there is only one basic beliefs... (hmm..is that confucionism?) Yet....(well not reported in World news) killings, murder and rape and outright massacre still happen... same with other countries (places in Africa and Asia)Thus... its really childish to blames ones belief with all this terrorism and wars going on...i would rather believed that its the peoples greed and selfishness that drives this war and terrorism...I manage to read in a book that there was a priest and a soap peddler walking in the road... the sop peddler told to the priest " You know what, Religion is useless... with all the teachings and norms, still...people are at wars, people are killing each other and hurting each other"the priest just look at him and then look in another continue walking...thinking that he won becuase the preist refuse to reply, the soap peedler continue talking about how it would be better if this world never have any religion.As they walk, the notice some kids playing in the mud, with a soap. and even thou the soap have been applied in the bodies of the kids playing in the mud... they still look filthy."Tell me good sir," the priest ask. "isnt the soap meant to clean you when you applied it...?" "look at those kids""But father!, they are using it the wrong way" the peddler defended"same with religion" the Priest repliedYour god damn stupid if you fail to understand this

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The WORKS of BOB Ong

I first encounter the black book last year, when my sister brought it home with her... now im that type of person that love reading "easy read" books -books na hindi mo kailanang na may bit-bit laging dictionary para lang maintindihan yung bawat naka katha dun sa libro... Well IMO the black books is the coolest book out of the three works of Mr. Ong. Dahil sa sadya namang mahuhulog ka sa silya kababasa nito... pero... mas na appreciate ko yung dilaw na libro dahil sa napapnahon ito para sa akin... nitong nakaraan na buwan... kinastigo tayo nang mundo dahil sa pag -diumano- yuko natin sa mga terrorista nang bihagin nila si Angelo dela Cruz...at hilingin na pauwiin ang mga sundalong Pilipino na nasa Iraq...(para sa hindi nakakaalma, Humanitarian reason kung bakit tayo nandun at hindi tulad nang maliit na bansa (na galing Africa?) na nabangit sa akin (nakalimutan ko yung bansa pero ippost ko rin next time) na ang pinadalang sundalo ay for combat mission Bakala daw tayo, walang mga bayag, dahil sa pag atras natin sa Iraq. nang binabasa ko ang dilaw na libro, nasabi ko sa sarili ko, isa na naman ba to sa masasama sa napakahabang listahan nang kahihiyan para sa bansa? Nang binasa ko pa ang ibang nakasulat sa dilaw na libro, natatawa ako na naiinis pagkat nakikita ko sa katha ni Bob Ong kung ano talaga yung reaksyon nang pilipino/pilipinong nasa Amerika at Fil-Am tuwing napapahiya ang bansa...

(i usually post in the Pinoyforum which i really think is misnamed for the place is compose of Americans leaving in the Philippines and Filipinos leaving in America.)

Dito ko nadama kung gaano kagalit yung mga fil ams sa atin sapagkat sinagip ni Gloria si Angelo dela Cruz at tinaraydor ang bansang amerika sa ating sumpa na kasama tayo sa "coalition" Bakit nga ba laging saliwa ang nagiging role natin sa mundo bilang bansa, bakit nga ba nakakapagod maging Pilipino PEro mas nakakapagod pag pilit mong pinagtatangol sa ibang lahi yung pagka pilipino mo gayong taalaga namng wala kang kinalaman sa mga pangyayari... tulad nang nabasa ko sa dilaw na libro, nang tanungin yung isang mama nang isang africano na sa Pransya, "are you abu sayaf" (retarded noh?) Nakakapagod ipamukha sa mundo na 85 million ang filipino at 50 lang ang abu sayaf nakakapagod na ipaliwanag na 85 milyon ang filipino at isa lang yung gumawa nang ilove you virus nakakapagod ipaliwanag na 85 milyon ang filipino at isa lang yung nang holdap na geroplano at tumalon gamit ang home made parachute... --- Binili ko yung libro ...ung itim dahil gusto ko maaliw, pero hindi ko alam na tutulong ito para mamulat ako sa role nang diyos sa buhay nang tao Binili ko yung berdeng libro, kasi na sira yung lrt na sinasakyang nang gf ko at wala akong magawa, pero hindi ko naiisip na tutulong ito upang sariwain ko ung buhay estudyante at ang pagiging sagrado nang mga guro... binili ko ang dilaw na libro para, wala lang...para mamulat pang muli

Saturday, August 07, 2004

ANGELO dela CRUZ + MEDIA = Sickening

* NOTE: I have nothing against Mr. Angelo dela Cruz, for I myself pray for his safe return... But what have transpire have force me to write such an entry to my blog.


Who ever first suggested this should be tied up and thrown to the raging Pasig River, for he is soooooooooooooooooooo dumb to misunderstand or to confuse himself to Heroism and being a plain hostage pleading for his dear life.

I was so disgusted after learning that some Politicians or public figures actually suggested that we should make a hero out of Mr. A. Dela Cruz. What did he do to deserve such designation. as far as I could remember, the only thing he did was to plead for his life and claim that his hostage takers are his friends.

And what did he do to deserve such mileage, from the Media and from other so called institutions? What did he do that makes him so special that we cant offer the same thing to the families of Catherine Yap and the rest of the hostage abducted by our own Terrorist. What did he do that now give him the rights to have a movie so that it can be shown to the people have Gloria failed to uphold something that she sworn to do?

I as actually laughing when I first read the news about the plead of Angelo dela Cruz eldest son to Mrs. Arroyo " My father was "forced" to work in Iraq!" Really, did someone pointed a shotgun in his Kapangpangan head when he signed that two years contract to be a truck driver stationed in Saudi Arabia to deliver supplies to Baghdad. Did the Philippine government sent him letter that if he dont work in Iraq, he will be imprisoned. Who force him?
"Fate for him" a friend tells me when were discussing it...FATE?! Man!, if we can see fate, or if he has a face, it should be black and blue with all the misery in the world were blame on FATE. Is it fate that he has 8 kids, is it fate that he didn't graduated or earn a diploma to have a decent work in here?


Sorry, im allergic to Bullshit! (originally from I, Robot)

I feel sorry for him, not just because he was abducted, but because he has become a pawn to GMA's effort to prove to the Filipinos that she deserves to be a president, Angelo become a pawn to the grand design to show to the world that GMA is really compassionate to his countrymen... The problem is... Consistency

If she really wanted to help those so called New Heroes, it should not stop with Angelo dela Cruz or to those Filipinos that will be abducted by the Iraqi terrorist... She should have made sure that all OFWs are given support to every plight that come in their way in order to earn dollars that they remit to the country that help keep this country afloat. And help this State to rise from the depths of Economic and National crisis.


"Pag na kidnap ka at ginawa kang Hostage, instant jackpot ka na nang House and lot at Scholarship sa mga Anak mo, kahit isang dosena pa yan"
I find is really irritating that OFW's since time immemorial have experience sooo manage hardship, so many torment along with their family members, were neglected by the Administration. those that were killed by their Arab boss and employer, those that were rape and received physical harm from them Saudi retards. What did the Government offer to them, or those same institutions that are giving all these goods to Mr. dela Cruz?
I say, if they cant continue it or guarantee that they could do it to all OFWs that suffer the same fate or worst... Don't do it to anybody, not even those that were broadcast worldwide via internet threatened to be beheaded or otherwise.