Tuesday, March 30, 2004


I was move, after reading Ms. Sara Zoe Sanco's contribution, to the Philippine Inquirers column, "Young Blood". In her piece, she reacted to the previous article that was submitted by a Young Filipina who claimed to have finished two masteral degree in Germany and works in Paris (well, other Filipinos might say that we are suppose to be proud to those other Filipinos that manage to have a career in Europe...but then again...-=read on=-) This writer (the one in Paris) says that many Filipinos share her opinion that as long as they have have a stable career oppurtunities there, they will not return to the motherland due to the worsening politcal situation and peace and order. This bitch even recount how she felt embarrassed when a freaking french mentioned to her that news broke out inthe country that we are in the edge of electing another Shobiz Personality to be our President. And her remark is "Spare me....in behalf of the Filipino academics in Europe... please, spare us.

Like me, Ms. Sanco's reaction was suprised/shock even... that a person in her educational stature could mention such ignorant not to mention arrogant to the situation of our beloved country "that i am planning to leave too...but only for several years :)" (joke)

The Paris bitch, mention in her article, blame those that were left behind, for not taking part in uplifting the situation of our country, yet she fail to realize the concept that her remark in regards to leaving a country and no plans of coming back (unless we could offer her the life style that Paris offer) signify that she too done "NOTHING" in order to help our country.

She blame the Filipino people for electing Erap estrada to the presidency thats whyb we are experiencing all this woes, never realizing that even before Estrada, the philippines already has a very weak economy, well of course, Estrada's controversies did nothing to uplift it, But hey look, Mrs. Arroyo have been reigning for three years, yet, we are still looking at the lowest value of our peso compare to a dollar.

Ms. sangco even mentioned that presidency of the late Dictator Marcos, and how this brilliant lawyer, rob our countrymen and plunge us to depts that our granchildren grankids will be paying for all of their lives.

It is quite irritating to hear people, complain so muc yet do little or even nothing in order to rectify the wrong that they are seeing or even help those that are needy, even thjou they have the resources to do so.

Ms. sangco is right, i prefer that this Paris Bitch stay in France, and i really hope that the Philippine Consular Office would reject her request to return, in an event that she really needs to "visit" her own country...

Putang ina nya...nakakasuka sya....

Friday, March 26, 2004

RECTO- Every yuppies memory lane

Every one know where C.M. Recto is, anyone that have gone to college, looking for a job, seeking for some cheap goods like CDs, cellphones, ROTC paraphernalias, books or magazines. It is very close to almost all Major university in Manila, or all those going to Intramuros or Divisoria, coming from Quezon City or Nothern part of Metropolis. They will all be passing that familiar Isetan RecTo, or that familiar Bonifacio Monument at Divisoria Mall or even the Legarda cor Mendiola Recto intersection. From the rich kids of La Salle to the sons of the simple "mangagawa" of PUP. Recto have always been a familiar place. With all the necessities of college life for academe and extra curiculars are availabe in a cheap prize. It also offer a humble tambayan for people (students) who wanted to spend their breaks or to avoid unwanted subjects or just plain play hookey.

I love walking in recto, other than seeing those pretty COEds from different universities, it offer me a someshort of memorabilia to all the times that i walk the same familiar street, especially when its raining and the freaking road is packed with jeepneys and other vehicle. Those time that im looking for cheap text book for our argument and debate subject and biology class. and entering the now famous "Bill's Gate" computer rental where most of my classmate addicted to chatting tend to spend their time and money.

I never realize that after four years in college, and three years at work, i will still end up walking in the same street, in my effort to go back home... and still greet me the next day in my way to work.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

One of them Hypes

Ok, this is Ms. Sarah...or Catherine...or Kat-Sarah ...or...yeah what ever...anyway, she is a 18 year old girl that I think is one of the most popular girl in friendster...she has a total of 1,500 frienster in her three accounts (friendster has a maximum of 500 names per accounts)...

Now the reason why I feature her and friendster is that I am very much amazed in how this "friendster" things was taken out of context... ok, I think the idea is to meet other people, people with the same preference in regards with music, books, habits, or even reasoning:)

But because it was intensely being hyped by the youth's and even the yuppies, you end up making an account and inviting total strangers to be among those friendsters of yours so that you wont be left out...hmm

I mean come on... I think it would have been better if this friendster things feature a more interactive feature, but no...yet...people of all ages are rushing to have an account, just because it is one of the talk of the town...

Not that i am complaining...(do I seem to be complaining?)

I was starring at Dao Ming of F4's billboard, located at Balintawak Clover Leaf, No!... I am not admiring him, I just wanted to know what soo special about this guy, that more than half of the population have gone gaga over him, he looks like any blue blood Taiwanese that I know that can't even say the word "Circle" properly. I have a classmate back in highschool that really looks like him, which we usually call "Koreano" or "Hapon" due to their very distinct resemblance to the people of Korea or Japan...(But actually, we Filipinos have a habit of calling anyone with chinky eyes, broad jaw and light skin Hapon or Koreano.)

Anyway, my point is, my classmate, looks like Dao...but it never occur at that time that women are going gaga over him, and yeah, he even acted like him back in those days...(tough guy...but nah, he wasn’t filthy rich). Now, because ABS-CBN sensationalize the "Faggot Four", everyone is saying how handsome Dao is...they even go on buying every freaking records those Taiwanese ever made even thou I really don't think they could understand it...(the good side is, maybe they could learn it and use the knowledge to go to Taiwan...) And now "Bench" a leading men’s garment company is bagging on his “tough boy” image to endorse their product... and because we are that gullible, people will go on buying "Dao shall wear Bench" T-shirts because it was being endorse by the most sensationalize Asian celebrity. Well I have nothing against the F4, (other than I really think they are a bunch of Fags), but I was thinking, when will there be a time that Koreans or Japanese would be willing to pay 10 grand of their currencies just to watch two Pinoys sing in a stage?

Even thou I am aware that the Fag four fever is ending, and will be just consider one of them Hype... I wonder, when will we learn to realize it even before we go on buying something just to be in, or watching something, just not to be left out even thou it is worst than our own locally made. (Movie/ song or stories).

Fashion or no fashion, the things that are considered "in" nowadays, cost a fortune, but after a year or so, they amount to nothing because they are no longer the current fad, and I could not understand how people will go on spending their money, most of the time, their parents hard earned, so that they could buy the "latest"... it is sad to think that the only real winner in this kind of misleading are the capitalist... but hey, thank god to piracy... you could actually buy them in a more cheaper prize.

Now, whats the idea of my ranting... well I just wanted to point out why do most of us very accustomed to buy things not because they are of use to us but because our friends or most of our officemates have it, or your favorite celebrity is endorsing it. Or why do people go on watching this particular movie or tv program, just to be considered "updated on the current fad" and not because they really enjoy watching it because the cast are compose of really good actors. Well I guess, that how things are going to be in the longest time, people will only stop buying it/ looking for it only after they have enough of it...

(I was hoping to add " and the capitalist have enough" but i realize, that is something that will never going to happen...

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Prize of Democracy?
...As i walk in the streets of Quiapo, i see nothing but illegal trade/ nothing but immoral reads and people that care less what they are doing as long as it benifits them and hassle somebody else...

Is this the society the people of EDSA Uno fight for, is this the society that we thought stolen from us by the Martial Rule, is this the society that we shouted to the whole world that we will bring after overthrowing the "Dictator"

...now now, don't get me wrong here... Dictorialship is not a good thing, it never is... but for a society still too young to express theirselves, too powerless to protect and to uphold what is right and what is just... i guess we really need some "Deciplinary action"

I look around and i see pirated sofware/ arts and DVD's. I go around the streets of Caloocan, and i see people throwing their trash in the sidestreets, walking in the middle of the streets, disregarding the "authorities". I travel in the hiways of NLEX and i see people crossing the great wide Expressway, stealing the phones set for emergency. I buy myself newpaper and you will see in the front page of the tabloids, pictures of no... not skimpy wearing shirt women, but totally "exposed girls".

It is sometimes funny to think that the Gabriela group is screaming foul regarding an Ad of Napoleon Brandy -=Nakatikim ka na ba nang Kinse=- but you don't see them protesting in the streets to show disgust to the image made available in the Headlines of severals of our Tabloids.

Media only focus on those things that are "issues" they focus only those things that they can "Sensationalized" rather than important events that will affect our daily lives (=-Remeber the Kris Aquino-Joey Marquez issue=-) Do you really think that people would talk about it if it haven't made frontpage by the leading dailies and made headlines in both the leading Broadcast station in the country?

We sneer on the people that vote for people like Erap or even FPJ, yet we did'nt sneer on the very medium that brought this illusion to the people themselves. I remember a time when a certain Tabloid was ban because they feature stories deemed immoral and pictures that are considered pornography. their defense, that's what the people want, If they will not buy it, we won't sell it, thats freedom of expression for you...hmm makes me wonder, what if we take his kid, parade it buttnaked, and tell them its for sale, would he be suprise if someone actrually bought him/her? (Yes it's demented, but i view the same reasoning demented too)

Of course people are going to buy it... that the benefit of "Democracy". We have a kid in my subdivision, along with her friends we see them dancing in the current craze "Otso-Otso" or Sphagetti pababa popularize by the sexy dancers such as the G-Girls an SBD, then i heard them talking, "when i grow up, i wanted to be just like them (SexBombDancers)" Suprising and sad isn't it, rather than aspire to become doctors or astronauts, kids today are aspiring to become dancers, or join starstruck because that's what they see in the TV or even in seveal posters. We might not see it, but this kind of mentally will not be benificial to the future of our country/ can you imagine what will America be if their youngs have this mentality 60 years ago? some will say that it's parent duty to "screen" what are the kids watching nowadays... but how can the parents do that if they are both working and their Lola or Yaya's themselves enjoy wathcing this "Brain Rottening Shows"

I really think the state should do something about ti, but when ever they do it, people in the "capitalistic/ Media wolrd" cry it is an attack to the freedom of expression...

mind you, yes Expression are free, but are we safe from it?

I cant post several things more about the horror that is going on because Media become the most powerful part of the state, they are the real ones that can make and unmake a leader. If Estrada have been "good" with the Media...do you really think he thrown out from MalacaƱang. FVR and Cories appointees all of them have their cases of corruption, but because they are friendly with the "Media" their lives goes on "really" unchecked.

Yes we hear that there have been some invesigation, but because the people have gone tired of it, the Media become less interested in pushing for it, thus it become forgotten, unless the people in the media wanted some extra bucks, they will go on to thier usual "expose`" ....

i tackle the media for being the most powerful institution in this country, they can make and unmake a leader, an institution and even a belief. they are consider the watchdog of the society, but who are watching them. yes we have those boards, but are they only limited in suspending host that crack green jokes on prime time? Are the ethical rules in broadcast are still being followed. I don't want to make any accusations, but this kind of corruption in the Media is unchecked by the people that believes in them... Hey if the Catholic chruch can commit such corruption... don't tell me that the media fare better. After all they are only humans.

I am not saying that we need another Martial Law, i guess it is better to live a free mud than golden cage, but i guess if we fail once more in putting up real leaders in the seat of power, it will take the second coming for the philippines to see the real light of day that Rizal have hope for this beloved country.


Makes me wonders, how come we can obedient to the rules of other countries, or how come motorist at makati city act differently to the motorist in Manila... are filipinos really that neglectful to the exisitng rules or law or only those uneducated ones (which mind you compose of 60% of this country) :)

well really can't blame them... we tend to follow laws if it will cost us or high chances that we could be apprehended, we do not follow the law becuase it is the right thing to do...