Tuesday, August 31, 2004

EVER wonder about RELIGION?

Nowadays, people are blaming religion for the current events happening in the middle east and some parts of Europe, the thoughts that Religion have generated more Hate, Wars and suffering than anything this planet have seen is getting more intense...

Here is a link of such discussion - One mans, disillusion, cause a thousand years or WAR

In regards to this discussion, this is my 2 cents in blaming religion as the cause of it all:

Just wondering... with all this thoughts of how the world have been a mess because of (no...it is just darn stupid to blame Christianity, Islam or Judaism to the current woes of the world) "conflict of belief" (not religion perse) Ever wonder if this Planet would have reach this stage with all nationalities still intact if there are no scuh religion?or lets just say only one religion prevail? (well... im under the impression that people has this thing of getting " strenght and assurance" when they ought to believed into something)do you really think... the world would have been better...I was told that in China... there is only one basic beliefs... (hmm..is that confucionism?) Yet....(well not reported in World news) killings, murder and rape and outright massacre still happen... same with other countries (places in Africa and Asia)Thus... its really childish to blames ones belief with all this terrorism and wars going on...i would rather believed that its the peoples greed and selfishness that drives this war and terrorism...I manage to read in a book that there was a priest and a soap peddler walking in the road... the sop peddler told to the priest " You know what, Religion is useless... with all the teachings and norms, still...people are at wars, people are killing each other and hurting each other"the priest just look at him and then look in another continue walking...thinking that he won becuase the preist refuse to reply, the soap peedler continue talking about how it would be better if this world never have any religion.As they walk, the notice some kids playing in the mud, with a soap. and even thou the soap have been applied in the bodies of the kids playing in the mud... they still look filthy."Tell me good sir," the priest ask. "isnt the soap meant to clean you when you applied it...?" "look at those kids""But father!, they are using it the wrong way" the peddler defended"same with religion" the Priest repliedYour god damn stupid if you fail to understand this

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The WORKS of BOB Ong

I first encounter the black book last year, when my sister brought it home with her... now im that type of person that love reading "easy read" books -books na hindi mo kailanang na may bit-bit laging dictionary para lang maintindihan yung bawat naka katha dun sa libro... Well IMO the black books is the coolest book out of the three works of Mr. Ong. Dahil sa sadya namang mahuhulog ka sa silya kababasa nito... pero... mas na appreciate ko yung dilaw na libro dahil sa napapnahon ito para sa akin... nitong nakaraan na buwan... kinastigo tayo nang mundo dahil sa pag -diumano- yuko natin sa mga terrorista nang bihagin nila si Angelo dela Cruz...at hilingin na pauwiin ang mga sundalong Pilipino na nasa Iraq...(para sa hindi nakakaalma, Humanitarian reason kung bakit tayo nandun at hindi tulad nang maliit na bansa (na galing Africa?) na nabangit sa akin (nakalimutan ko yung bansa pero ippost ko rin next time) na ang pinadalang sundalo ay for combat mission Bakala daw tayo, walang mga bayag, dahil sa pag atras natin sa Iraq. nang binabasa ko ang dilaw na libro, nasabi ko sa sarili ko, isa na naman ba to sa masasama sa napakahabang listahan nang kahihiyan para sa bansa? Nang binasa ko pa ang ibang nakasulat sa dilaw na libro, natatawa ako na naiinis pagkat nakikita ko sa katha ni Bob Ong kung ano talaga yung reaksyon nang pilipino/pilipinong nasa Amerika at Fil-Am tuwing napapahiya ang bansa...

(i usually post in the Pinoyforum which i really think is misnamed for the place is compose of Americans leaving in the Philippines and Filipinos leaving in America.)

Dito ko nadama kung gaano kagalit yung mga fil ams sa atin sapagkat sinagip ni Gloria si Angelo dela Cruz at tinaraydor ang bansang amerika sa ating sumpa na kasama tayo sa "coalition" Bakit nga ba laging saliwa ang nagiging role natin sa mundo bilang bansa, bakit nga ba nakakapagod maging Pilipino PEro mas nakakapagod pag pilit mong pinagtatangol sa ibang lahi yung pagka pilipino mo gayong taalaga namng wala kang kinalaman sa mga pangyayari... tulad nang nabasa ko sa dilaw na libro, nang tanungin yung isang mama nang isang africano na sa Pransya, "are you abu sayaf" (retarded noh?) Nakakapagod ipamukha sa mundo na 85 million ang filipino at 50 lang ang abu sayaf nakakapagod na ipaliwanag na 85 milyon ang filipino at isa lang yung gumawa nang ilove you virus nakakapagod ipaliwanag na 85 milyon ang filipino at isa lang yung nang holdap na geroplano at tumalon gamit ang home made parachute... --- Binili ko yung libro ...ung itim dahil gusto ko maaliw, pero hindi ko alam na tutulong ito para mamulat ako sa role nang diyos sa buhay nang tao Binili ko yung berdeng libro, kasi na sira yung lrt na sinasakyang nang gf ko at wala akong magawa, pero hindi ko naiisip na tutulong ito upang sariwain ko ung buhay estudyante at ang pagiging sagrado nang mga guro... binili ko ang dilaw na libro para, wala lang...para mamulat pang muli

Saturday, August 07, 2004

ANGELO dela CRUZ + MEDIA = Sickening

* NOTE: I have nothing against Mr. Angelo dela Cruz, for I myself pray for his safe return... But what have transpire have force me to write such an entry to my blog.


Who ever first suggested this should be tied up and thrown to the raging Pasig River, for he is soooooooooooooooooooo dumb to misunderstand or to confuse himself to Heroism and being a plain hostage pleading for his dear life.

I was so disgusted after learning that some Politicians or public figures actually suggested that we should make a hero out of Mr. A. Dela Cruz. What did he do to deserve such designation. as far as I could remember, the only thing he did was to plead for his life and claim that his hostage takers are his friends.

And what did he do to deserve such mileage, from the Media and from other so called institutions? What did he do that makes him so special that we cant offer the same thing to the families of Catherine Yap and the rest of the hostage abducted by our own Terrorist. What did he do that now give him the rights to have a movie so that it can be shown to the people have Gloria failed to uphold something that she sworn to do?

I as actually laughing when I first read the news about the plead of Angelo dela Cruz eldest son to Mrs. Arroyo " My father was "forced" to work in Iraq!" Really, did someone pointed a shotgun in his Kapangpangan head when he signed that two years contract to be a truck driver stationed in Saudi Arabia to deliver supplies to Baghdad. Did the Philippine government sent him letter that if he dont work in Iraq, he will be imprisoned. Who force him?
"Fate for him" a friend tells me when were discussing it...FATE?! Man!, if we can see fate, or if he has a face, it should be black and blue with all the misery in the world were blame on FATE. Is it fate that he has 8 kids, is it fate that he didn't graduated or earn a diploma to have a decent work in here?


Sorry, im allergic to Bullshit! (originally from I, Robot)

I feel sorry for him, not just because he was abducted, but because he has become a pawn to GMA's effort to prove to the Filipinos that she deserves to be a president, Angelo become a pawn to the grand design to show to the world that GMA is really compassionate to his countrymen... The problem is... Consistency

If she really wanted to help those so called New Heroes, it should not stop with Angelo dela Cruz or to those Filipinos that will be abducted by the Iraqi terrorist... She should have made sure that all OFWs are given support to every plight that come in their way in order to earn dollars that they remit to the country that help keep this country afloat. And help this State to rise from the depths of Economic and National crisis.


"Pag na kidnap ka at ginawa kang Hostage, instant jackpot ka na nang House and lot at Scholarship sa mga Anak mo, kahit isang dosena pa yan"
I find is really irritating that OFW's since time immemorial have experience sooo manage hardship, so many torment along with their family members, were neglected by the Administration. those that were killed by their Arab boss and employer, those that were rape and received physical harm from them Saudi retards. What did the Government offer to them, or those same institutions that are giving all these goods to Mr. dela Cruz?
I say, if they cant continue it or guarantee that they could do it to all OFWs that suffer the same fate or worst... Don't do it to anybody, not even those that were broadcast worldwide via internet threatened to be beheaded or otherwise.

Friday, July 23, 2004


Such an ugly word, and for a race that takes pride in struggling out from the conqueror's hands, such remark is a slap in the face.

A month or so ago, a truck driver in Iraq were captured by the militants group while he is driving his lorry from Saudi Arabia to Baghdad. That truck driver is no other than Mr. Angelo dela Cruz, a Kapangpangan father of eight that went to the Middle East even thou there is a clear danger of abduction in connection to the current situation in Iraq.

After being abducted, he was presented in in a Saudi base network and relay to the world how he pleaded for his life and ask the Philippine government to withdraw its support to the US led coalition so that he wont be beheaded and will be release after the last Filipino soldier left Iraq.

With the current unrest and no clear mandate to the previously held Presidential election, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was somewhat forced to betray her pledge of support to the Bush administration and give in to the Kidnappers/ Terrorist demands.

and even before Mr. Angelo dela Cruz were able to set free, news travel all over the world that his abductors have release them, but to Mrs. Arroyo's surprise, its not true. And regretfully informed the family of Angelo that its a mistake.

Another "kuryente" incident to the beleaguered president...(Her administration last three years ago is rigged with such incidents of wrong info passing thru her Info Department)

But after that "pagkakamali" words have been confirmed that Arroyo have give-in to the demands that earn the ire of the Coalition Members, specially the USA and Australia. Even the Japanese and the S. Korean government have express disgust to the decision, for they themselves have sacrificed their own nationals for this so called WAR on Terrorism.

After confirming that the Philippine Government have announce that they will pull out the tiny contingent from Iraq in an effort to save the Truck driver, other countries and nationals have express how coward the Philippines is - to give in to such barbaric demands and even blame the country to the succeeding incidents that happened in Iraq after the country have fully withdraw form the war-torn country.

Fil-Americans or those born with a Filipino Heritage but live in other countries express disgust to the move done by Mrs. Arroyo, for they say it bring shame not only to the Filipinos in the eyes of the Coalition but to the world, they branded Filipinos as cowards/ spine-less and cannot be trusted to keep their words, They call us traitors to our promise and weak to our own convictions... All because GMA wanted to save Angelo dela Cruz.


Funny, as if USA and Australia never pull-out its troops in order to save some lives or even because of Public clamor... I never really believe that there "is" a huge clamor for the Filipino Pull-out or even to reject the US-led war...(those that rally in the streets are the very same people that rally every time US do something or Philippines is doing something that will benefit the USofA. But still, I guess GMA really did what she needed to do to avoid any unrest, specially knowing for that fact that her Administration is rigged with issues regarding how she cheated to the Presidency.

She sacrificed the Philippine honor to save - no- not Angelo, but her self... Indeed she cant be trusted... Specially if she cant keep her words, why would someone trust her... The problem is, that She is the considered President, and the one challenging her cant even be trusted to safe guard a barangay less we have him (FPJ) look after a country.

I doubt if she will try to save that old Kapangpangan if it happened a year ago, before Bush actually visit the country.

Filipinos can be cruel, un compassionate, undisciplined or even be uncontrollable and with out moral... But being cowards is something that we could not accept.

A country that fought so many conquerors compare to anyone in the region,the people that have been legendary to charge a line of rifle wielding soldiers, holding nothing but a farmers sword (Itak) or even fought a more advance and fully reinforce warriors in the land of Bataan and island of Corregidor and held on longer that any other Allied forces during that faithful year of 1942. A country that have been fighting their very own War on Terror even before the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center...

Yes, we are no cowards... And even if the other countries attack us with harsh remarks because of that Angelo dela Cruz incident, we should never look down to our selves, cause not even the great USA should look down upon us. We should never be regretful that we share the very same blood that flow in the veins of the likes of GMA or Angelo dela Cruz, because its the same blood that flow in the veins of our so called Heroes. Heroes that face death to protect not just our countrymen, but the very pride of our country.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Election Aftermath

Filibustering-well that another word for my limited lay mans dictionary We all know how people from all walks of life hate and disgusted with Sen. Pimentel in his role in "delaying" the canvasing, How others claim that he is no longer the man they know back in the Marcos years, nor he was still the man that have been considered the champion of Human rights... i have read Phil Star inbox various comments regarding Pimentel's "Filibustering" and how he is wasting time and Tax payers money to "Grand-Stand" in this scenario... But somehow, it seems that majority of our country men really does not understand why Pimentel is "really" doing this.

I m a person that is very fond of the previous World War, i play PC games such as Call of Duty/ Suddenstrike 2/ Pacific Theater of Operations and the likes... looking at this situation at the senate, it made me remember the comment that Gen. Erwin Rommel made when he was pondering about the impending Allied invasion at France, he is well aware that if Germany lose the Beach, they will lose the WAR.

Well, it doesn't take more than commonsense to see that GMA cheated (in the grandest scale) in the last Presidential Election. Stealing votes from all the candidates, getting more votes than the actual registered voters, and making votes made for rival candidates to vanished into thin air. GMA is very much resourceful in terms of budget and connection...not to mention influence... just like the Allied forces in that fateful dau of June 6 1944. GMA has all the resources she needs to make a grand invasion to the voting precints... Pimentel is just trying to emphasis that before proclaiming anyone to be the next president, we must be sure that it was the "real" mandate of the Filipino People... IMO, his not wasting Tax payers money but actually giving its worth that we will have a true elected leader in our midst.

If Pimentel is wasting Taxpayers money, then we should all cry foul how GMA wasted our "tax money" in helping her trick those poor souls in voting for her because she have given them health cards that are years over due... and how about Chairman Abalos, how his Automated Voting gone to waste after investing billions of pesos to the so called computerized election? If you think Pimentel stinks now... i really don't know how unbearable the stench of those two that I mentioned.


Well, everybody is tiered already about the things happening in the canvassing, most Filipinos doesn't even care who is leading in this "official" canvass. I mean come on, the minimum fare in the PUJ is 5.50 pesos already, from 4.00 pesos a week ago, within 2 months, Fare have increase to at least 30+% (50+% if you'll include that .75 increase three months ago. and everybody is saying "Oh come on, get it over with already...GMA won already, and who cares is she cheated, everyone will cheat given the chance and the machinery, everyone will stay in power! so what if she used PAGCOR funds in the last election, she'll end up using it anyway, same if Erap is still the president, he'll use it to help the one he will be endorsing provided he didn't got booted out in that EDSA 2 scenario"


Makes you wonder, how come when the people thought they were cheated in the last impeachment in Estrada's administration, they run to the streets... but when it is obvious that the people are once again "cheated" in this Presidential Election, it seems that going to the streets is a stupid option. (well thats what the elite are saying) and any form of protest is an act of Destabilization (Darn, i think that word have been used too much in this Administration) its like this:

Meaning of Protest in terms of Regime

Marcos regime- Democracy at Work
Cory Regime - Communist Militant at Work
Ramos Regime - Democratic Militant at Work
Estrada Regime - Democracy at work
Arroyo Regime - Destabilization move

anyway, why I should I care, Prizes are going no where but up, unemployment is booming with all this non-medical graduates no where to go but as CC agents (medical graduates can always apply abroad, with all the wars going on in the middle east, US needs all those nurses to take care of those poor soldiers.

-My point (i really should stop this sideways habit of mine).

It really obvious that if the People were convinced that Estrada is trying to cheat his way out of that impeachment, with that 2nd envelope thing that end up containing nothing really significant (I think i read in the PDI that is there is anyone to blame why Erap lost the Presidency, it would be those 11 senators that voted No) The Opposition is hoping to convince the people that Arroyo is cheating her way "IN" to the Presidency

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Casting a Vote

Yesterday, 43 million of my countrymen trek to their local precinct to once more live their right of suffrage and vote their respective candidates from the President to the municipal councilors.

and yes, I myself share the hassles and difficulties in trying to cast your vote to the official ballots. We started early, yet encounter some problems when we were told that we are in the wrong precinct and the proper precinct still doesnt have the list of voters in their hands. We line up there for 2 hours just to cast our votes to the people that will end up rubbing us blind the moment they taken their respective seats.

Well, I guess it will still be long before my countrymen will wake up in their illusion that those that gave them 300 hundred bucks every election will be the key to their salvation from poverty. Those that promise them food in their table will actually deliver the same old promise. those that claim that have studied abroad will be the ones to give them a decent work...

Im betting that i'll be rotting six feet under before such awakening to my beloved country. But unlike the most of my countrymen, I still have faith, that my prediction are wrong, and one day, I will see the real "Dawn" of my Mother LAND

VOTEs that I Cast

President: Panfilo "Ping" Lacson (I really believe that his stance of discipline can really help this country in this time of disarray and lost of confidence to the leadership
Vice-President: Loren Legarda (Well, she did a lot of help to the public and to the nature, i do believe she will do better as a Vice President compare to ol' Kabayan)

Dick Godon - What can i say, the man have lots of achievements, and everybody wanted him to make the same miracle he did to Subic

Ponce Enrile - Well he did help in bringging to the publics attention the PPA anomaly (damn those Lopezes for robbing us!)

Robert Jaworski
- most of his achievements and contributions have help the Philippine Sports and providing the most necessary element to the human being "water" to the barangay level.

Jamby Madrigal - well what can I say, she been hoping for a seat for the past 2 senatorial election, let her have it :D

Ernesto Maceda - according to ol' Tulfo, this guy really place shiver to the other corrupt officials :D

Carlos Padilla
- what can I say, Im a Ping Fanatic

Frank Chavez
- plain and simple, He deserve to be in the Senate

Alfredo Lim & Rodolfo Biazon - cause we need men that was trained in the iron will of discipline to be among those that will forge laws for this society

Dilangalen, Didagen & Meriam Defensor Santiago - To make the freaking senate more livelier

Herrera - I do believe this guy have done more even thou he suffer the lost of his ability to walk on his feet.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

A Sad Story

Yesterday, I recieve a very strange phone call from a guy named "Salde", he is looking for the secretary of Mr. Raffy David, I inform him that he is speaking with him. Now, Salde ask me if hr could leave a message to Mr. David and inform me the urgency of the message. I told him "Yeah, well sure... what is it?" Then he told me that his father once works as a carpenter in my boss residence in Valle Verde. and he mentioned that two years ago, my boss "Promised" to Salde's dad that if he ever need something, do not hesitate to seek his assistance. Not long after that promise, The Carpenter (Salde's father) got sick, and true to his promise, my boss according to Salde, gave his assistance by giving him some money(the amount was used to purchase medicines and drugs) Now, the by also told me the sad news that his father have passed away, The reason that he gather enough guts to call my boss office is to beg for the last time to my boss in order for them to claim his father's remain that is being held in the morgue because they couldn’t pay off the amount of 850.00 pesos.

After getting details from Salde (i.e. Address, land marks) I ask him to call me back after an hour to get Mr. David's response to this message. Salde is already crying at this time, and you could really feel in his voice the pain and helplessness. I tried calling my boss, but it seems to be his on a meeting, so I texted him. After 40 minutes, I receive his reply; He called me and told me this -" I don’t know anyone by that name or i could not remember anyone that has that name or any of my family members remember this person" - I tried clarifying it with him, telling my boss that He once helped them before, and they are now trying to get one last help from him. But my boss stand firm that he knows no one with that name or remember anything about it.

I was really heartbroken, knowing that the guy will be calling me again, and hoping to hear a good news, yet what I will tell him is the exact opposite. (Bad enough that some one will reject your plea for help...but its far worst, if some one actually reject the idea that they know you) After ten minutes or so, Salde did call and I gave him the bad news, I could hear him broke down...as if the entire world just fallen out on him...He mentioned that he was force to go to the Town because its the only place where there is a Pay phone for him to make that call. That his entire family is really hoping that my boss will be their Hero in that time of need. But I guess fate have once more played tricks on them. A very sad trick... I could really feel Salde's pain, for up to know I could not believe that my father is no longer with us. Yet, I’m still thankful that my father earned the love and respect of those people that attend his wake, guess I could say we have it easy in regards to burying my Father.

i could not sleep that night, thinking... what if its true....what if that guy really lose a father, and now is struggling to give their father a decent burial, yet they don’t have the resources to do so. I really wish my boss gave a fraction of time to verify who are those guys anyway.

To be fare to my boss, his a very generous person, but there are times that he tend to give promises to those people that he only met once, and unfortunately those guys honor his word. Well my boss, most of the time really strive to help those that he promises to help... but sometimes, it really sucks when the time came, when you really need some help... and the one that you expect to do it, give you a cold shoulder.



I just read in the news today, Two men were slain because they struggle to fight off several men that conduct a Hold-up in a bus traveling in EDSA Hi-way. Two men are dead because a bunch of guys, wanted to earn with sweating it out, because of greed and stupidity, another family have lost a father, a brother, a husband because some guys are too darn lazy to stretch some muscle or use their brain to earn a decent living.

I also read that the holdapers were drunk when they conducted the act. Fortunately, concern citizens informed the authorities and were able to stop these marauders.

I say, they should be executed right on the spot, this kind of behavior should not be taken lightly, when will we learn that these kind of people have abused the compassion that our society (breed by religion and being apathetic) have given them. This kind of criminals will go on and on, killing off innocent civilians that done nothing but to be in a wrong place at a wrong time. There are witness that they killed those two guys, what will be their defense for shooting that guy...NONE! Thus, I say, let give them something that they truly deserve, a one way ticket To HELL!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

For the Kicks:

Well, Me and my GF have been going steady for the past three years, and yeah...there are lots and lots of time that i said to my self "Why is it soo hard to understand them"...guess they are asking the same thing.

Well, being a US nave have its ups and down...LOL

BEER = Helping Pinoys kill each other since 1951

At least you can get it now for free (or not)

My "Ball Sport" area is my (PC GAMES) area and i have a 5% larger Domestic Skills

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Memories of Child Hood (Part 1 to 3)

Part I - When Day was Turned into Night

It was a normal day for us 12 year olds to sleep during noon, waiting for the sun to almost set at around 4:00 pm so we could play some traditional games like Tumbang-Preso , Patintero or Taguan (Taguan= Hide and Seek)... anyway, i slept at around 1:40 pm that day, and because i was sleeping so near the window....i was awaken 2 hours later because my eyes was irritated by somewhat sands like particles that landed in my face... when i open my eyes, i realize that it was dark already...i was very dissapointed at that time cause im really looking forward for a good afternnon of fun playing those games mentioned...

when i walk out of the room and look at the TV, i saw my cousin watching a local variety show that usually ends around 4:00 pm... not realizinfg it immediately, i went outside to go to my friends hous a few blocks away from our house..as i walk... i notice that im gathering too much dirt in my body, yet it was raining (actually, its more of a drizzle)...so as i reach my friend's house, i saw them watching back then a favorite tv series dubbed "Shaider" -its a japanese TV series translated to Tagalog)... i know for a fact that Shaider's air time is around 4:30 pm...so i look up in the clock and i was baffled cause the TV series did not lie...it is just 4:30 pm...yet it's so dark outside, you'll think its 9:00PM already... i then ask my friend uncle whats happening... is it the end of the world...why is it its that DARK when it suppose to be just 5:00 pm and we could still see the sun set... he laugh of the idea that the world is ending because we have an early nightfall... then i learned, from a breaking news... it is indeed the End of the World...well not for us...but to most of my countrymen living in Zambales/ La Union and Pampanga Provinces...

It was June 14, 1991...Mount Pinatubo...a Dormant Volcano, sleeping for the past 600 hundred years, erupted, blasting tons and tons of smoke and debri in the atmosphere, causing climate change and pouring sands and dust to nearby provinces and even countries... (there are even account that the explosion of Pinatubo promted the US to forget the renewal of US bases stationed at Subic and Clark Air Field... but of course i could not be sure with this)... the eruption cause the death of at least 10,000 people and injury of 100,000 more...

In that two days that the entire island of Luzon was engulf in that dark cloud, of ashes and sand... seeing the sun on the third day, is like witnessing the return of the messiah... really hope such experience (fear and confusion) will never befall to the next generations...

Part II - World War II Underground Base

I guess it was 14 years ago...

A friend of mine accompany to catch some fist in a pond ...about 700 meters away from our house. He brought along with him his dog named Blue Thunder (most probably base in that ol' TV series about a hilocopter with the same name)...

I was carrying a long bamboo stick (about 9 feet long) to be used in our fishing and preparing the nets... It was the 1st time that blue thunder venture in that area (most of the time he is lock up in my friend's house)

all of a sudden while we are walking, the dog stop and starts digging on the ground, we ignore him and continue on our way, but when my friend notice that the dog is not following us, we decided to fetch him... then... we notice that he have dug quite a deep hole...(around 10 inches or so...) i unmindedly strike the ground with my stick, and to my shock... in went straigh into the ground... and before we know it...a portion of that ground collapse, revealing a large hole in the ground (about 3 feet wide...) when we look at it... its a deep epty hole... i immedietly run to our house and look for a ladder...(back then, we are dreaming that it coul be a hiding place for some short of treasure. hidden by the Japs...: )

anyway, after gathering enough courage, we decided to went down in the hole...now it cant be naturally made, cause base on the markings it was dug using some digging tools that we call "Piko"... it was very obvious... the hole is about 9 feet deep...and has an extension of at least 10 to 12 feet long. ... we know it could be longer than that because it seems that a portion of that hole collapse due to the composition of the sediment wall and the top soil and rocks that block the end of the extension... not long ago, whne my father and a bunch of worker excavated the land beside our house, they found several networks of supposedly tunnels...and trench... but they didnt give much thought about it, and destroy everything... not it seems to me that what we discover back then was the main entrance for those tunnels... we found an old strap that resemble a rifle strap... a piece of i think a reading glass, and some thorn clothes... we didnt realize, that my mother have been looking for us... so when she saw the dog, waiting in the middle of the field, she come nearer, she was shock and very much angry when she saw us emerging from the hole... she asked my friend to go home and i took a beating after that... then she ask some help from one of the neighbor to cover the hole....

My father told me it could just been only a well or something... but i disagree... it seems the hole is leading to somewhere, except that a portion collapse that why it was block...beside... it just nine feet deep... it cant be just a well...

... 2 years after.... i manage to meet an old man that manage a carenderia near our school... i was talking about him how old he is... and what it was like back in the days when they were fighting the japanese (i assume he took part in the guerrilla fighting cause our place host a number of gueriila fighters back in the 40's) He told me he was 17 years old back then... they hardly engage the jap...they just monitor their movements... he even told me that even thou there is at least 60 to 70 member of their unit...only 30 or so has a rifle... and most of them are hidden in their hide out... beside the pond just across the subdivision... my face lighten when we mentioned it... and i narrate to him that we discover their hideout...

he told us that they bombed it after hearing that the Americans have already landed in Leyte, and they will took part in the liberation of Manila.

I told him we are hoping to take a look at their former hide out, but he discourage me, saying, he is not be sure if they did not left some ammunitions there... it is best that we leave it alone...

yet...I can't help it a place with so many historic significance could be forgotten, just because nobody care anymore about how those young men once took part in an effort to ensure we will be free from the Japanese oppressor

Part III - In the Midst of the 1989 Coup de Etat

Baguio is not a good place when a unch of rebelious Soldiers decided to seige the Presidential Palace...if i remebr it right, it was the morning of December 7th, 1989. two days after we arrive at the Northern City of Baguio that we heard in the news that Col. Gringo Honasan and his men have siege several media and Commercial establishment in the Metro Polis. Baguio is located at least 250 Miles away from the City, but the thing is, we are suppose to be going home that day... even in the midst of warning that we will be facing tons of Hassles in our trip, my Father decided to go for it and proceed with the 7 hours travel. It was a busness trip, those accompanying us were officemates of my Father in the Department of Agriculture. All were worried sick because most of them reside near where Hostilities have been reported occuring.

Thus we continue our trek, and even before we manage to leave the city of Baguio, we were greeted by APC and trucks of Soldiers...we are not sure if those soldiers are going to Manila to fight off the rebels or to join them, back then, i could not understand why are they trying to get rid of the Administration that Mr. Honasan help to be installed... all im thinking back then is, darn i need to take a crap but i could not find a decent bathroom

As we reach teh province of La Union, we were stopped by company of Army soldiers to inspect if were transporting more troops to the metropolis, luckily, the one incharge of the checkpoint knows my Father, fortunately, the Lt. in charge also hail from my Fathers hometown of Catbalogan, and incedently one of those that tried to court my Auntie... after a small talk, they let us pass thru and even gave me some sweets when my father introduce me as his son. He also offer us a route to take to avoid the other checkpoints that are stationed every 50 kilometers. As we reach the province of Tarlac, my father decided that we take our lunch in one of them carenderia, and as we order, we saw our countrymen fix on their TV sets listening to the hostilities happening in Manila and Makati Area. scores of soldiers have been killed and there was an incident where a certain army soldiered fired an anti tank rocket to the approaching APC and destroyed it, upon inspection he realized that it was his brother that was driving the APC who joined the rebel forces... he killed his own brother in an effort to protect the incumbent administration.

We continue our trip, is still tune in to the developments in the city... as we approach the province of Pampanga (it was pass 7:00 PM already...we left Baguio at around 6:00 AM) we end up in the stand still when we near the tollgate.. it was blocked by several Trucks, reports had it that earlier that day, 2 trucks of rebels pas thru that tollgate, and the poor guards is no match to face an entire company in their race to help their fellow soldiers fighting in the Capital. We stay there for another 2 hours, trying to sleep and gaining strenght... then my Father remember that there is a passage way from the express way to the McArthur hiway ...ut we need to pass thru the Pampanga river to be able to reach the other side. Checking the low tide high tide period, my father calculated that if we hurry, we could reach the river where it is still shallow... but due to the delay and due to the unfamiliar terrains, we reach the river, an hour later... but the river is still shallow, but we need to hurry, cause we could see it rising and the rapids is getting strong... as we proceed to cross the river, (were going on a slow speed) a pick up truck tried to overtake us in our right side...now...the reason while most of the vehicle is following a single line is becuase it is the known route where the river has a shallow part... in our surprise and to the pick ups horror, the vehicle plunge into a deep part, submerging the entire vehicle.... the rapids is getting very strong, but we could not live the poor man alone in his pick up becuase we are uncertain how deep his Pick up plundge into the river... we stop, and my father along with his office mates tried to save the man... and drag him from his pick up, that is now fully submerge... waters are already starting to get inside our VAN, but we manage to pull thru and a red light have been opened to signalled that the river is no longer passable...

another hour later, we reach my hometown... in the journey, youll see in our face the exhausting feeling, yet a sign of relief, that after a laborous 25 hour drive, im finally HOME.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Wonder Years

My nephews... *sigh*....

Miguel (Center) is attending summer school now, *sigh* soon they will be off to college and contributing to the booming population of this planet...


Fireflies, Dragonflies, and Butterflies

Today is considered a special day for our beloved planet


In case you haven't notice it yet...


I really dont know whats with those people that could bare the sight of floating trash in the rivers or the dreaded looking smog in the air. And yet do


about it.

In the editorial, it mention that not long ago, the people of Metropolis could enjoy the sight of seeing those beautiful firelies in the darkness of the night... now it seems that they are among the extinct species because hardly anyone have ever seen one in the pass few years (as if anyone care).

I also notice, in our own province, it have been that long that last time i ever seen a butterfly and the dragonflies, they were once very abundant in our subdivision. I could even play, trying to catch as many as i can, place them in a jar or something...and pretend that they are little princess cursed by a witch and could only broken a spell by a kiss from a handsome prince. (Well, I'm no prince nor i could claim I'm handsome) Anyway, my point is, nowadays, You could only seem them in those butterlies farms in Quezon City and i think they also have those in Batangas, Tagaytay and some areas in northern Bulacan. What happened to those beautiful creatures... Is it true that years from now, our children would only think of our stories playing in the cool waters of the rivers, or climbing the trees and catching butterflies are among our fairytales when ever we wanted them to sleep (cause the Testorones are acting wild). Do we really need to pay some farm for us to once more have a look what does "Salagubang"(Beetle) or "Salaginto" (Tiger Beetle) really looks like. Do we really have to travel all the way to Bicol or Batanes Island so that once again we could breath the fresh air the the trees in the mountains offer?

Unless we really start waking up, and our Leaders start inforcing real laws in protecting what little we have... I guess the composers of "Asin" would have a sequel to their song "Wala ka bang napapansin" and carry the title "Kapansinpansin".

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Dad's 5th month with the Lord...

I have posted this in several forum...but fail to add it up in my own blog...

really miss him thou...

Darkess day post

... 5 months of unbelievable longing...

Monday, April 19, 2004

How come they Know this?

I was browsing in the net, looking for some info regarding the battle of Tsushima, as i venture thru the site, I found that the Philippines is included in this brief net-encyclopedia. anyway, what strike is this Official Motto that is featured just below the Philippine FLag:

National motto: Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa (Filipino: “For Love of God, People, Nature and Country”)

Looking at it, guess our motto is not that original compare to the Land of the Free (USA)...but one thing is for sure, hardly anyone in the 85 million population of this country understand or even know that we have this kind of motto.

And none will be willing enough to follow it by every inch of it's true essence.

Maka-Diyos: Yes, we are dominantly catholics/ or should i say christians...but only in text. in reality... in a population of a million per Province, roughly 27% go to church or even care to pray every week. and hardly anyone here ever follow a simple rule of "love your god as you love your self, and love your brothers as you love god" thingy...why...cause its freaking obvious, everytime you walk in the streets, people are either thinking of how to out done others or how to get there first. (where ever in the name of hell is that place). Hell in my own company, is a small population of 200 employee.... only a handful actually go to church or even pray or try to communicate with the divine entity.

Now is it necessary to go to church just to pray...well not really...if your a freaking "born again"... but if your a cahtolic... for pete's sake...whats holding you to stop just 15 minutes to pray inside a chruch...the freaking city is teeming with churches. besides... in a ratio of 10 couple that have been married nowadays...only 3 couples would go back to pray in the church after they have been married. shees...other couples are even being wed with seeing a church...

can't blame them thou...its a fucking fortune just to get married....(rant rant rants)

Makatao: well i could say that at least some of us do help each other... but sometimes with string attach...i see people helping their neighboor when ever his house caught some fire...or someone died in their family...but my god, you can feel it afterwards that they will be asking you favors because you have an "Utang na loob" with them. Sick but true.

In a ratio of 30 men that will witness you being rob, victimize by a hit and run...or even murder... only 2 or 3 would actually assist you. And yeah, in a ratio of 20 people that will be able to pick your wallet... in case you drop it in the street, even if it contain all of your contact numbers and address. Only 2 people will return it to you completely.

You see lots and lots of Pinoy, walking down the street, inhaling that vile from those those white stick and exhale a more deadlier gas... yes, those pople that smoke on those street. a clear sign that we hardly give a damn about those other people that will inhale their poison as long as you enjoying killing yourself. ireally wish i could help them out by placing a 9mm lead in their cranium, in that way, they are not only helping the nature and other people, they are helping their selves by removing them to the risk of having lung cancers.

Makakalikasan : do i need to elaborate on this... darn it...look at our mountains, our street... damn it...look at Pasig river... is that a clear sign that we love nature...love destroying it...i guess.

Makabayan: Talk to at least 50 people...50 people, ask them if given a chance to be reborn, in what country would you like to live...or wish have been born... you will have a 98% response that they really hope they were born in a foreign land.

Sheesh, not even a mere 10% of nowadays generation is fucking aware of the Filipino old ways of life, and they don't care. If the country are to be conquered by a superpower, we wont be seeing another Bataan or another Pasong Tirad or Biak na bato, everybody would just raise their hands and say, "Ni Hao Ma"

Look on how we idolize the freaking Fag Four or rather sing the songs of artist like Josh Groban...well actually, i really cant blame them in regards with that... nowadays you will hear sick song like spahgetti pataas or bakit papa or that obsence rap "Sa silong ni Kaka"... really wish there are lot more of those song like Noypi by bamboo rather than otso-otso or pamela pamela shits... all crap, yet people buy it the way they will buy FPJ or Gloria...by the way...speaking of Makabayan... i read this article once more of my favorite columnist at Philippine Daily Inquirer- Mr.Conrado de Quiros titled "LOSERS"

in which he exclaim that a vote to a strong candidate is a vote against patriotism and a vote against the country.


I could not believe that we could even claim that we are any of those written in our National Motto, when we dont have any actual reference to prove that up to now... we are still Makatao/ Makadiyos/Makakalikasan at Makabayan...

Friday, April 02, 2004

A view in the life of a "PATHETIC" Virgin

Ok....im a virgin too...(believe it or not)

but by far, i em not like this loser...

Read on

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


I was move, after reading Ms. Sara Zoe Sanco's contribution, to the Philippine Inquirers column, "Young Blood". In her piece, she reacted to the previous article that was submitted by a Young Filipina who claimed to have finished two masteral degree in Germany and works in Paris (well, other Filipinos might say that we are suppose to be proud to those other Filipinos that manage to have a career in Europe...but then again...-=read on=-) This writer (the one in Paris) says that many Filipinos share her opinion that as long as they have have a stable career oppurtunities there, they will not return to the motherland due to the worsening politcal situation and peace and order. This bitch even recount how she felt embarrassed when a freaking french mentioned to her that news broke out inthe country that we are in the edge of electing another Shobiz Personality to be our President. And her remark is "Spare me....in behalf of the Filipino academics in Europe... please, spare us.

Like me, Ms. Sanco's reaction was suprised/shock even... that a person in her educational stature could mention such ignorant not to mention arrogant to the situation of our beloved country "that i am planning to leave too...but only for several years :)" (joke)

The Paris bitch, mention in her article, blame those that were left behind, for not taking part in uplifting the situation of our country, yet she fail to realize the concept that her remark in regards to leaving a country and no plans of coming back (unless we could offer her the life style that Paris offer) signify that she too done "NOTHING" in order to help our country.

She blame the Filipino people for electing Erap estrada to the presidency thats whyb we are experiencing all this woes, never realizing that even before Estrada, the philippines already has a very weak economy, well of course, Estrada's controversies did nothing to uplift it, But hey look, Mrs. Arroyo have been reigning for three years, yet, we are still looking at the lowest value of our peso compare to a dollar.

Ms. sangco even mentioned that presidency of the late Dictator Marcos, and how this brilliant lawyer, rob our countrymen and plunge us to depts that our granchildren grankids will be paying for all of their lives.

It is quite irritating to hear people, complain so muc yet do little or even nothing in order to rectify the wrong that they are seeing or even help those that are needy, even thjou they have the resources to do so.

Ms. sangco is right, i prefer that this Paris Bitch stay in France, and i really hope that the Philippine Consular Office would reject her request to return, in an event that she really needs to "visit" her own country...

Putang ina nya...nakakasuka sya....

Friday, March 26, 2004

RECTO- Every yuppies memory lane

Every one know where C.M. Recto is, anyone that have gone to college, looking for a job, seeking for some cheap goods like CDs, cellphones, ROTC paraphernalias, books or magazines. It is very close to almost all Major university in Manila, or all those going to Intramuros or Divisoria, coming from Quezon City or Nothern part of Metropolis. They will all be passing that familiar Isetan RecTo, or that familiar Bonifacio Monument at Divisoria Mall or even the Legarda cor Mendiola Recto intersection. From the rich kids of La Salle to the sons of the simple "mangagawa" of PUP. Recto have always been a familiar place. With all the necessities of college life for academe and extra curiculars are availabe in a cheap prize. It also offer a humble tambayan for people (students) who wanted to spend their breaks or to avoid unwanted subjects or just plain play hookey.

I love walking in recto, other than seeing those pretty COEds from different universities, it offer me a someshort of memorabilia to all the times that i walk the same familiar street, especially when its raining and the freaking road is packed with jeepneys and other vehicle. Those time that im looking for cheap text book for our argument and debate subject and biology class. and entering the now famous "Bill's Gate" computer rental where most of my classmate addicted to chatting tend to spend their time and money.

I never realize that after four years in college, and three years at work, i will still end up walking in the same street, in my effort to go back home... and still greet me the next day in my way to work.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

One of them Hypes

Ok, this is Ms. Sarah...or Catherine...or Kat-Sarah ...or...yeah what ever...anyway, she is a 18 year old girl that I think is one of the most popular girl in friendster...she has a total of 1,500 frienster in her three accounts (friendster has a maximum of 500 names per accounts)...

Now the reason why I feature her and friendster is that I am very much amazed in how this "friendster" things was taken out of context... ok, I think the idea is to meet other people, people with the same preference in regards with music, books, habits, or even reasoning:)

But because it was intensely being hyped by the youth's and even the yuppies, you end up making an account and inviting total strangers to be among those friendsters of yours so that you wont be left out...hmm

I mean come on... I think it would have been better if this friendster things feature a more interactive feature, but no...yet...people of all ages are rushing to have an account, just because it is one of the talk of the town...

Not that i am complaining...(do I seem to be complaining?)

I was starring at Dao Ming of F4's billboard, located at Balintawak Clover Leaf, No!... I am not admiring him, I just wanted to know what soo special about this guy, that more than half of the population have gone gaga over him, he looks like any blue blood Taiwanese that I know that can't even say the word "Circle" properly. I have a classmate back in highschool that really looks like him, which we usually call "Koreano" or "Hapon" due to their very distinct resemblance to the people of Korea or Japan...(But actually, we Filipinos have a habit of calling anyone with chinky eyes, broad jaw and light skin Hapon or Koreano.)

Anyway, my point is, my classmate, looks like Dao...but it never occur at that time that women are going gaga over him, and yeah, he even acted like him back in those days...(tough guy...but nah, he wasn’t filthy rich). Now, because ABS-CBN sensationalize the "Faggot Four", everyone is saying how handsome Dao is...they even go on buying every freaking records those Taiwanese ever made even thou I really don't think they could understand it...(the good side is, maybe they could learn it and use the knowledge to go to Taiwan...) And now "Bench" a leading men’s garment company is bagging on his “tough boy” image to endorse their product... and because we are that gullible, people will go on buying "Dao shall wear Bench" T-shirts because it was being endorse by the most sensationalize Asian celebrity. Well I have nothing against the F4, (other than I really think they are a bunch of Fags), but I was thinking, when will there be a time that Koreans or Japanese would be willing to pay 10 grand of their currencies just to watch two Pinoys sing in a stage?

Even thou I am aware that the Fag four fever is ending, and will be just consider one of them Hype... I wonder, when will we learn to realize it even before we go on buying something just to be in, or watching something, just not to be left out even thou it is worst than our own locally made. (Movie/ song or stories).

Fashion or no fashion, the things that are considered "in" nowadays, cost a fortune, but after a year or so, they amount to nothing because they are no longer the current fad, and I could not understand how people will go on spending their money, most of the time, their parents hard earned, so that they could buy the "latest"... it is sad to think that the only real winner in this kind of misleading are the capitalist... but hey, thank god to piracy... you could actually buy them in a more cheaper prize.

Now, whats the idea of my ranting... well I just wanted to point out why do most of us very accustomed to buy things not because they are of use to us but because our friends or most of our officemates have it, or your favorite celebrity is endorsing it. Or why do people go on watching this particular movie or tv program, just to be considered "updated on the current fad" and not because they really enjoy watching it because the cast are compose of really good actors. Well I guess, that how things are going to be in the longest time, people will only stop buying it/ looking for it only after they have enough of it...

(I was hoping to add " and the capitalist have enough" but i realize, that is something that will never going to happen...

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Prize of Democracy?
...As i walk in the streets of Quiapo, i see nothing but illegal trade/ nothing but immoral reads and people that care less what they are doing as long as it benifits them and hassle somebody else...

Is this the society the people of EDSA Uno fight for, is this the society that we thought stolen from us by the Martial Rule, is this the society that we shouted to the whole world that we will bring after overthrowing the "Dictator"

...now now, don't get me wrong here... Dictorialship is not a good thing, it never is... but for a society still too young to express theirselves, too powerless to protect and to uphold what is right and what is just... i guess we really need some "Deciplinary action"

I look around and i see pirated sofware/ arts and DVD's. I go around the streets of Caloocan, and i see people throwing their trash in the sidestreets, walking in the middle of the streets, disregarding the "authorities". I travel in the hiways of NLEX and i see people crossing the great wide Expressway, stealing the phones set for emergency. I buy myself newpaper and you will see in the front page of the tabloids, pictures of no... not skimpy wearing shirt women, but totally "exposed girls".

It is sometimes funny to think that the Gabriela group is screaming foul regarding an Ad of Napoleon Brandy -=Nakatikim ka na ba nang Kinse=- but you don't see them protesting in the streets to show disgust to the image made available in the Headlines of severals of our Tabloids.

Media only focus on those things that are "issues" they focus only those things that they can "Sensationalized" rather than important events that will affect our daily lives (=-Remeber the Kris Aquino-Joey Marquez issue=-) Do you really think that people would talk about it if it haven't made frontpage by the leading dailies and made headlines in both the leading Broadcast station in the country?

We sneer on the people that vote for people like Erap or even FPJ, yet we did'nt sneer on the very medium that brought this illusion to the people themselves. I remember a time when a certain Tabloid was ban because they feature stories deemed immoral and pictures that are considered pornography. their defense, that's what the people want, If they will not buy it, we won't sell it, thats freedom of expression for you...hmm makes me wonder, what if we take his kid, parade it buttnaked, and tell them its for sale, would he be suprise if someone actrually bought him/her? (Yes it's demented, but i view the same reasoning demented too)

Of course people are going to buy it... that the benefit of "Democracy". We have a kid in my subdivision, along with her friends we see them dancing in the current craze "Otso-Otso" or Sphagetti pababa popularize by the sexy dancers such as the G-Girls an SBD, then i heard them talking, "when i grow up, i wanted to be just like them (SexBombDancers)" Suprising and sad isn't it, rather than aspire to become doctors or astronauts, kids today are aspiring to become dancers, or join starstruck because that's what they see in the TV or even in seveal posters. We might not see it, but this kind of mentally will not be benificial to the future of our country/ can you imagine what will America be if their youngs have this mentality 60 years ago? some will say that it's parent duty to "screen" what are the kids watching nowadays... but how can the parents do that if they are both working and their Lola or Yaya's themselves enjoy wathcing this "Brain Rottening Shows"

I really think the state should do something about ti, but when ever they do it, people in the "capitalistic/ Media wolrd" cry it is an attack to the freedom of expression...

mind you, yes Expression are free, but are we safe from it?

I cant post several things more about the horror that is going on because Media become the most powerful part of the state, they are the real ones that can make and unmake a leader. If Estrada have been "good" with the Media...do you really think he thrown out from MalacaƱang. FVR and Cories appointees all of them have their cases of corruption, but because they are friendly with the "Media" their lives goes on "really" unchecked.

Yes we hear that there have been some invesigation, but because the people have gone tired of it, the Media become less interested in pushing for it, thus it become forgotten, unless the people in the media wanted some extra bucks, they will go on to thier usual "expose`" ....

i tackle the media for being the most powerful institution in this country, they can make and unmake a leader, an institution and even a belief. they are consider the watchdog of the society, but who are watching them. yes we have those boards, but are they only limited in suspending host that crack green jokes on prime time? Are the ethical rules in broadcast are still being followed. I don't want to make any accusations, but this kind of corruption in the Media is unchecked by the people that believes in them... Hey if the Catholic chruch can commit such corruption... don't tell me that the media fare better. After all they are only humans.

I am not saying that we need another Martial Law, i guess it is better to live a free mud than golden cage, but i guess if we fail once more in putting up real leaders in the seat of power, it will take the second coming for the philippines to see the real light of day that Rizal have hope for this beloved country.


Makes me wonders, how come we can obedient to the rules of other countries, or how come motorist at makati city act differently to the motorist in Manila... are filipinos really that neglectful to the exisitng rules or law or only those uneducated ones (which mind you compose of 60% of this country) :)

well really can't blame them... we tend to follow laws if it will cost us or high chances that we could be apprehended, we do not follow the law becuase it is the right thing to do...

Monday, February 23, 2004


I know Quiapo since I was a kid, even before its reputations have always been a busy, dirty, haven to petty thieves’ place. 20 years past and it never change...The reputation that is. But many things have change, specially, when Mayor Lito Atienza took the mayoralty, 6 years ago. One of the notable changes that he did was the restoration of Plaza Miranda, and the Underpass. The Passageway the connect Carriedo with Hidalgo, before most people dread to use the underpass just to go to the other side of Quezon Blvd. The underpass is poorly lighted, congested with vendors and passerby alike. This kind of situation is haven to those that would like to commit petty thievery like snatching or hold-ups. Mayor Atienza changes it by removing the vendors from the underpass and constructed stalls where those vendors can place their ware with out obstructing the hallways. And ensure that the people using the underpass will be less afraid when using it.

But of course, it is still crowded, what can you expect from a city that has 20 million population during weekdays.
But at least, the changes gives the ordinary Manilenean a feeling security and beauty, every time they walk the steps of that Quiapo underpass into Plaza Miranda. And after the restoration of Carrieo and part of the Sta. Cruz Area, one can't help but say thanks to Mayor Atienza for his initiative to beautify this Capital City of My country.


I went to my Godmother that resides in Concepcion Aguila St. (Quiapo, Manila) last Saturday. I was sent there by my mother to remind her that my Father's 40th day of death will be this coming February 27th. We Catholic- Filipinos have this tradition that we should offer the final prayer to our dead when the 40th day from the time of it's death came. Anyway, after informing my Godmother, I also inform her that I will be buying some flowers for my Dad's grave, she ask my Godfather to accompany me to those that sell Flowers in-front of the Quiapo Church at Plaza Miranda (Quiapo). My uncle is not a big man, he just stand I guess a 5-foot flat, with a balding head and a crooked back. But back then, 20 years ago, I was told that my uncle is one of the tough guys in that area. They say that no one will touch you while you are in Quiapo is you inform them that you are related with "Jerrying Kirat" which is what the people back then are fond of calling him because his left eye is blind.

I really don't know if they still consider him a tough guy, but one thing is for sure, almost everyone in that area know him, maybe because he is a kubrador of Jueteng (a local gambling game that feature two sets of numbers that is draw twice a day. the winner usually win 10,000 pesos for every 10 pesos bet that they made.) and his former identity in that area. I didn’t have a hard time buying myself some flowers, the vendor even pick the most beautiful bouquet for me because my Godfather inform them that I am his godson. Looking in the face of those people at quiapo will sometimes stir your mind on the hardships these people have to endure to be able to get a living, whether if its selling some pirated CD's or smuggled goods, you can see in their face that these people have endured so much and will continue on enduring. Same with my Godfather, even thou he is no longer that tough guy that the people of Quiapo once call Jerrying Kirat, they always see him as like them, no matter what happen, they will endure the hardship of living... in the streets of Quiapo

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Here are some outstanding (not to mention very funny) quotes from the classic scifi film: "Plan 9 From Outer Space" --- considered by many to be the "worst" movie ever made.


Criswell (narrator): "Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember, my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future."

Paula Trent (to husband): "You seem to still be up THERE somewhere."

Jeff Trent: "I saw a flying saucer."

Paula: "Saucer? You mean the kind from up THERE?"

Col. Tom Edwards (referring to UFOs) : "For a time we tried to contact them by radio, but no response. Then they attacked a town---a SMALL town, I'll admit..."

Jeff Trent (to his wife): "Oh, forget about the flying saucers-- they're up THERE. But there's something in that cemetery."

Paula Trent: "The saucers are up THERE. And the cemetery's out THERE. But I'll be locked up in THERE." (points to his house)

Lt. Harper (Investigating an open grave) : "Well, let's go down and find out whose grave it is."

Kelton: "How?"

Lt. Harper: "By going down and finding out!"

Col. Edwards: "This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard."

Jeff: "And every word of it's true, too."

Col. Edwards: "That's the fantastic part of it."

(A disintegration ray instantly turns a man into a skeleton.)

Col. Edwards: "What do you make of that?"

Lt. Harper: "You got me. He didn't look that way a minute ago."

Eros: You humans and your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!’

(Harper, Trent and Edwards confront the aliens, Eros and Tanna.)

Eros: "You do not need guns. They would be of no use to you now."

Lt. Harper: "They've been mighty useful before on flesh and blood-- and you two look like you've got a LOT of both!"

Detective: "One thing's sure, Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody's responsible."

Eros: You do not need guns.

Jeff Trent: Maybe we think we do.

Colonel Edwards: Why is it so important that you want to contact the governments of our earth?

Eros: Because all you of Earth are idiots!

Jeff Trent: Now you just hold on, Buster.

Eros: No, you hold on! First was your firecracker, a harmless explosive. Then your hand grenade: you began to kill your own people, a few at a time. Then the bomb. Then a larger bomb: many people are killed at one time. Then your scientists stumbled upon the atom bomb, split the atom. Then the hydrogen bomb, where you actually explode the air itself. Now you can arrange the total destruction of the entire universe served by our sun: The only explosion left is... the Solaranite.

Colonel Edwards: Why, there's no such thing!


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

To all FPJ Jokes and Criticism


to all them people that "really" thinks the
candidacy of Mr. Ronnie Poe is a joke, and him
being elected will make us a laughingstock for
the World...i ask you this...can you do better?


its bad enough that i see some Politicians that
they themselves do little in their own
constituents criticize FPJ... but to see and hear
people, that earn less and hell no one except
their self, and did nothing for the country other
than complain, do the same, is sickening... come

To those that are not f***** aware, FPJ failed
to finish schooling for the f**** reason that
he need to take over the burden of becoming a
head of a family after the death of his father. I
seen other people, both educated and living in
prestige crumble and hide when they are the ones
called to carry such a task...

Ask your fucking self, can you do the same given
the same scenario in your freaking worthless
lives... i guess not.

Don't get me wrong, i do not intend to vote for
FPJ this coming election, (Pro Eddie ako eh... he
he he...sayang, hind nila pinatakbo si Amay


It just pissed me off seeing people, claim that
they are better that the other, or their choice
is superior that the next man... Eh p*ta...

--Galit na Galit--


Friday, January 16, 2004

NOTE: Well i can't find a link, but just incase people... if you have a chance to see today's issue of the "Philippine Daily Inquirer" you will notice in the Front Page a very artistic shot of the Philippine Politicians -

(they can pose as models for Lacoste :D )
Who are the Filipinos:

Technically speaking, an individual is considered a Filipino if he is naturally born in the Philippines by a Filipino parents (either only a mother or a father). If we are going to refer into georgraphy - Filipinos are malayans that resides in the archipelago of that 7, 107 islands between South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, over the Celebes sea and just below Taiwan. Historically speaking, back in the early 1600 - Filipinos are people born in the Philippines by their Spanish parents. When revolutions comes, those that are educated, able to speak both Spanish and tagalog are considered Filipinos. After the liberation (with the help of the ever reliable American nation) the Then President Emilio Aguinaldo proclaim that we are free from the "foreign Rule" declared those that are living in the Philippines, with brown skins and mostly flat nose... Are all Filipinos.

"IKAW? Ano nga ba talaga ang Pilipino.... paano nga ba maging Pilipino?"
(You! What do you think does take to be a Filipino.... How can we claim that we are a Filipino)

Is it enough that we have brown skin, semi-curled hair or able to speak tagalog fluently or have been born in one of those 7,107 islands that are between South China Sea and Pacific Ocean? Is it enough that we eat adobo, know who Jose Rizal is and know how to sing the "Lupang Hinirang"? Are these enough grounds to claim that one is a Filipino?

Or maybe, we can consider that a person is a Filipino is he can take a leak (urinate) almost anywhere (in the out door or in public areas). He knows that when ever a police officer is waving at you, he is just asking for some "dough" for lunch. He doesn't fall in line (willingly) , doesn't use the pedestrian line or the overpass. Rode a jeepney everyday, knows all the antics in asking the driver (Hey you freaking idiot, stop this junk I want to get off) with just a knock in the roof or a single high-pitch whistle. Are those people that are always late to work or a meeting, Adore everything that came from the US or Europe. Very much good in imitating things and pirating intellectual products (i.e. Musical Album, Recent movies and Porno graphic Materials). A maid in Hong Kong/ a 4-year Graduate form College domestic Helper in Europe/ a Degree Holder Picking Orange in Australia/ a peon in those oil rigs at the middle East/ A Doctor from the Philippines tasking up Nursing so they can go to the US... Are these people are the ones considered a Filipino.


This thought came to me after riding a taxi driver listening to a local A.M. station discussing the allegation to the number one contender for the Philippine Presidency : Fernando Poe Jr.

the program have ask the hearing public about their opinion regarding the true citizenry of Mr. Poe. Even thou I am not surprise that many that called came from those that are member of class C and D, it amused me when I heard their sentiments regarding the accusations against their "idol". One man, actually an old one...I believe the announcer called him by the name of "Lolo Piong". And Lolo Piong stated that (to the question what does it take for a man to be considered as a Filipino) a man can be considered as a Filipino is his in his mind, soul and action are Filipino... And a real Filipino is "helpful" (we all know the Balikatan phenomenon) loving to his country men and a true believer of God. Another caller even remind the listener about the Filipino Pledge that I think every public school students are very much familiar (and tired off) - Panatang makabayan - "sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa"

Other even mentioned that "So what if your born by your Filipino parents, legally wed and everything, unless your ways and your heart are not for the Filipino, no matter how brown is your freaking skin is, your not a Filipino!"

OK... The reason that I ranting regarding this is that, We have been free from the Spanish rule for the past 100 hundred years, and American Rule for more than 50 Years (so it seems) Yet we fail to know how to became a real Filipino, we hail Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and several others as our heroes yet we never try to do anything close to the same sacrifice they have given for the country or even make them proud that their sacrifice is all worth it... How long shall it take, before we can truly say that.... We are Filipinos and we are Proud to be one.