Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well this week could not be a lot interesting than it is, on my way to POEA, I got stuck in Traffic due to a special Police checkpoint, maybe the Government is serious in preventing any havoc that the communist threat might cause...

Or maybe its just one of GMA's power tripping, what day is it anyway?
anyway, I got this funny thing that happened after I arrived at the Office.
An OFW approach me and ask me a question.

OFW: Sir, pwedeng magtanung... saan ang daan patungo paitaas?

Im a bit confuse...Is this a religious question or he is just too darn stupid to realize that there is an elevator at the lobby and he probably saw it when he entered the Office.

Anyway, I directed the poor soul which way to go... but I'm a moment away in giving him a bible.
but I guess its sacrilegious... he he he