Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Destroying Reality

According to webster dictionary, "Reality" means a state of being real, a Fact...I guess everybody knows that. Just a couple of weeks ago, PDI have a headline story stating that the country is the 2nd most Corrupt Country in the World, others are saying is not true, and we should be hailed as number one (the No.1 Most Corrupt is our Neighbor Archiepelago - Indonesia). Ever since this Generations manage to realize whats happening to the world, they have been oriented that things could not work in this country if you dont have the resources (like money or connections) to make it work your way. To get justice from this existing System, you need those magic M&C (money and connections), to get your papers to be process immediately, you need those MC's, to get someone out of a shit situations, yep guess it right...you have to have those MC's...(IMO, even the Salvation of your soul seems to be in need of those MC's).

I have nice chat with my kumpare the other month, as usual, his relating to me how hard it is now to work in the government, and not just financially speaking bu also morally...


well me kumpare is one of those very very rare people that still have a sense of morality working in the Government Agency, (My kumpare works at DPWH) so no hold bars, the DPWH and just like any other Government owned institutions is riddled with corrupt people, from high and low. (everybody knows that) But even if most of his co workers and those that he deals with in his works treat stealing/corruption as a livelihood, he still manage to stay clean...(for how long, time will only tell) Anyway, my frined relate to me how some people in the Media treat corruption as the reality of todays business, if you want your news to go rounds, you need to attach money on it, if you dont want bad news or gossip go on spreading to the people, just attach several envelopes on your press release, and you'll come clean.

Many of my country men have accepted corruption as the harsh reality of the peolpe in posistion, in the course of 20 years after the late strongman Ferdie Marcos was over-thrown... they have accepted that those with moeny can make things happen their way, and those that are in need or plain greedy will always be used by those same people.

How can we stop it?

I have to admit, in a society that has a less and less belief in a divine being, and has more and more luxury in their life...i guess we can't. As i stated... it i the reality of the Philippine Society.

Yet, i refuse to admit in myself the defeat that many of my countrymen have accepted. (do you really think that giving money to those policemen, or paying for your son to pass the ROTC is not an example of corruption).

Our problems is made non other but us, and no divine being is needed or a bloody revolution for us to see that continue doing this will ultimately bring down our country. is Corruption is our reality, then let us strive to break the Myth that Filipinos could not follow a simple rule or doesnt have the moral capability to look up to themselves.