Friday, February 18, 2005

Price of Democracy

...As i walk in the streets of Quiapo, i see nothing but illegal trade/ nothing but immoral reads and people that care less what they are doing as long as it benifits them and hassle somebody else...Is this the society the people of EDSA Uno fight for, is this the society that we thought stolen from us by the Martial Rule, is this the society that we shouted to the whole world that we will bring after overthrowing the "Dictator" now, don't get me wrong here... Dictorialship is not a good thing, it never is... but for a society still too young to express theirselves, too powerless to protect and to uphold what is right and what is just... i guess we really need some "Deciplinary action"I look around and i see pirated sofware/ arts and DVD's. I go around the streets of Caloocan, and i see people throwing their trash in the sidestreets, walking in the middle of the streets, disregarding the "authorities". I travel in the hiways of NLEX and i see people crossing the great wide Expressway, stealing the phones set for emergency. I buy myself newpaper and you will see in the front page of the tabloids, pictures of no... not skimpy wearing shirt women, but totally "exposed girls". It is sometimes funny to think that the Gabriela group is screaming foul regarding an Ad of Napoleon Brandy -=Nakatikim ka na ba nang Kinse=- but you don't see them protesting in the streets to show disgust to the image made available in the Headlines of severals of our Tabloids. Media only focus on those things that are "issues" they focus only those things that they can "Sensationalized" rather than important events that will affect our daily lives (=-Remeber the Kris Aquino-Joey Marquez issue=-) Do you really think that people would talk about it if it haven't made frontpage by the leading dailies and made headlines in both the leading Broadcast station in the country?We sneer on the people that vote for people like Erap or even FPJ, yet we did'nt sneer on the very medium that brought this illusion to the people themselves. I remember a time when a certain Tabloid was ban because they feature stories deemed immoral and pictures that are considered pornography. their defense, that's what the people want, If they will not buy it, we won't sell it, thats freedom of expression for you...hmm makes me wonder, what if we take his kid, parade it buttnaked, and tell them its for sale, would he be suprise if someone actrually bought him/her? (Yes it's demented, but i view the same reasoning demented too)Of course people are going to buy it... that the benefit of "Democracy". We have a kid in my subdivision, along with her friends we see them dancing in the current craze "Otso-Otso" or Sphagetti pababa popularize by the sexy dancers such as the G-Girls an SBD, then i heard them talking, "when i grow up, i wanted to be just like them (SexBombDancers)" Suprising and sad isn't it, rather than aspire to become doctors or astronauts, kids today are aspiring to become dancers, or join starstruck because that's what they see in the TV or even in several posters. We might not see it, but this kind of mentally will not be benificial to the future of our country/ can you imagine what will America be if their youngs have this mentality 60 years ago? some will say that it's parent duty to "screen" what are the kids watching nowadays... but how can the parents do that if they are both working and their Lola or Yaya's themselves enjoy wathcing this "Brain Rottening Shows"I really think the state should do something about it, but when ever they do it, people in the "capitalistic/ Media wolrd" cry it is an attack to the freedom of expression...mind you, yes Expression are free, but are we safe from it?I can post several things more about the horror that is going on because Media become the most powerful part of the state, they are the real ones that can make and unmake a leader.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Kumusta na?

It's been a while, since the last time I add anything to this worthless hole...(I mean, does anyone other than me, read my rants...I guess not...Maybe I should do something, like rob a bank, or assassinate Gloria arroyo and have a tattoo of the URL of this site in my arm, so that when they finally capture me...of course I would never surrender to them alive... The world would finally took notice) PATHETIC isn't it? =)

Anyway, as I mentioned... It's been a while... Tons of things happened since the last time, FPJ-the man considered the King of Filipino movies died last December 16? A super Typhoon lay waste half of Luzon, killing at least 1000 people, and a freaking Tsunami destroyed most of southern Asia killing at least 250,000 people.

With all this things happening in my country (don't even get me started to what's been happening to the world) I started to frequently remembered how have it easy during our High School years, (well yeah, college years are kindda easy too...But its a bit more complicated than HS). Were we hardly care what was written in the Headlines, we hardly give a damn on how many people died last Typhoon (to us, it's just another reason why we could have some breaks from the homework) Or who will be the next president, what are those taxes that will be implemented or who is the comptroller of AFP.

We have it easy, almost on every aspect in life, we have it easy, school is quite easy, studying is easy, having a relationship is very much easy...(im not kidding, but back in highschool, I could see many beautiful girls compare to my workplace).

Maybe the reason I have those frequent reminiscing, is that because after 6 years, I manage to talk (well actually, write...Via Friendster) to some of my HS classmates. All of them are working now, and Ludy for one have her Baby now. In the back of my mind, I could not believe that that girl that I use to accompany home when school ends, have her very own family. Is that really how long it is? I do know that some other classmates have their very own family since last year...or a year before that... But still, in the back of my mind, I see them as the same people that I used to play baseball with or talk about the latest episode of Dragon BallZ, they were ones the same people that I use to tell how much I like my HighSchool crush, and my plans in getting her attention, they are the same people that used to borrow my pens and rulers (in which, there are times, they forgot that they just borrowed it from me). These are the same people that I know cheated in their exams, or did not make their homework. Looking at them now, I kindda feel sad that I have let the moment go with out too much noticing it,. I do remember that back then, many of us are in such a hurry to grow up...I wonder now, if these same people are also wondering, or reminiscing those times that we buy those Banana cue infront of our School's driveway, or drink from the faucet, cut grass when were late or not wearing a proper uniform, sleep at the class only to wake up because your drool was noticed by your seatmate and started to announce it to the entire class. Maybe most of them are now busy with their life, or worrying where would they get the resources when their kids finally go to school... or perhaps worrying the expenditures in their upcoming wedding. Me....well I can't help it, I usually visit my HS school every week (i tend to run into it when ever i visit my fathers grave) and everytime, I started to remeber the things that we done, and the things that I wish I did, back then.