Saturday, November 29, 2003

Chivalry and World War 2

Chivalry is Dead!!!

As I was riding the LRT on way to work this morning, an elderly woman with her Grandchild (no I don't know this woman but I presume the kid that is accompanying her is her Grandchild) I noticed that no one offer her a seat... (of course I could not offer mine cuz like her, im also standing up...:D ) Now, I know there is a special cart or part of it where senior citizens, pregnant woman or disable person could go when ever they would take the LRT or even the MRT (LRT- the Light Rail Tracks Train that travel from Monumento area to Baclaran area and cover at least 13 stations...The Fair is 12.00 pesos per ride if your going more that 3 stations from the point of boarding/ MRT is also the same except that its route is located in the stretch of EDSA ) So, im not sure why did this Granny pick on going head to head with those people riding the ordinary carts for the passengers... Ignorance or lack of time, that not the point...The point is, in the train Cart where im riding, there are lots and lots of well bodied MALES sitting comfortable in there while this Grandma is standing up and barely able to make a firm grip in those safety handles... Now this is not the only time that I witness such disrespect, but im just wondering... What happen to all those teachings from the school/ media and even the church... Are they all gone to deaf ear?

it is sad that we claim we are in a more modern worlds... But how come acts of barbarism and non-ethical have been rampant nowadays...From riding a bus, or walking in the streets... You will see people seems to careless of anyone except themselves... I had to admit.. When im walking in the streets of Quiapo, I rarely look at those people walking along with me, unless they are really attracting attention ...He he he But I never remember a day that I see myself seated comfortable in a bus or any PUV's while there is a woman standing up, or times where I board 1st before those women that are also trying to board with the same Vehicle... Now im not being self-righteous here... The reason that im doing this is that every time I do it, I always pray that the same are also being done to my Mother, my Sister and Girlfriend, when ever they would also be place in such situation...


A thought strike my mind before I went to sleep last night, What if World War Two happen today!... I mean lets pretend that WW2 never happen 60 years ago, and only erupted now, will the Filipinos do the same thing that the Filipinos did before, meaning, would they take up arms, go to the nearest Military installations and be enlisted? Would we ever be courageous enough to face the bombs, bullets and war machine of other countries knowing we have no hope of winning for the name of Patriotism?

I don't think so...

19 out of 20 people are willing to leave this country to find a better future in foreign lands, 8 out 10 students wish that they would never wear an ROTC uniform every Sunday (or Saturday in other College). And 5 out 10 Teenager doesn't even know or understand fully why did the Defenders of Bataan hold on until they have no ammo left and most of their men are sick and wounded...

If an ambitious Country would ever consider conquering the Philippines, it would only take them a few weeks before each and every freaking one of my breathen would be waving a foreign flags and denying their birthright.

We Filipinos, sad to say failed those people that fought the last World Conflict, do we really dare to repeat the same fate that they endure?

...We don't even have a prayer...

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Beerkwatro, the Matrix Revo and FPJ


Ha! Finally I got my copy of Beerkwatro (the 5th book of Locally renowed cartoonist: Lyndon G.) [naKs hanep sa spiel ah...hmmm...Maybe I could get a free copy when b5 comes around...he he he]... I bought my copy from the National Bookstore at SM Manila, thanks to the loan that I get from Pag-Ibig... I manage to have enough cash to buy some of my luxuries :) .... Anyway.... My girlfriend ask me if we could eat at Tokyo-Tokyo just beside the bookstore, even thou im not found of Japanese Foods, I give in... at Wow pare... punong puno yung store...bakit naman kasi ke liit liit ng pwesto..(parang kwan ng Hapon... he he he) anyway, I told my GF that because it is her idea to eat there, she wil be the one to fall in line as I reserve seat (the soonest that there would be an available set)... and as I diligently reserving our seats, I take the opportunity to browse on my new B4... I notice that there is something strange the way they packed that book... parang ayaw mag pa bukas?!?
after turning two to three pages, i realize that it will be better to read it in a more private place, cuz i can't help laughing out loud already after those pages...My GF ordered Porkchop sumo (tama ba yun?) for our dinner, i somewhat enjoy it... but the rice is not that appealing :)


After eating at Tokyo-Tokyo, we proceed to watch the Matrix (wow pare..ngaun ngaun lang nagkapera eh saka wala namang pasok kinabukasan dahil sa Ramadan) even thou im not a fanatic of this triology, i would still like to see for my self stories how great the fight scenes are... (parang sina Gokou at Freeza yung laban, yung sapakan sa ere at balibag sa pader at buildings) but somehow, is still think that the 1st one is still better, interms of story and plot... but anyway, im in no position to critize it cuz i watch it only for that time, and as a broadcasting student, we are made to be infrom that before you could actually understand a film and be able to critize it effectively, you need to watch it more than 4 times. Thus, if you are planning to watch a film and then a friend of you stated that it is not good, unless he is a memeber of the MTRCB, or a Film specialist or at least a Broadcasting practioner with masteral degree, his view is as good as the usual taxi drivers of the Manila Streets :)


I just learned today that FPJ declared his bid for Presidency... (busy ako sa kaka suddenstrike eh). and already, the reactions of various groups are evident, the Mass rejoiced (and so i was told) the educated frown (mostly people from the commercial districts and people that has no real life but infront of their PC's) The chruch shrugs and the students declared an empending doom to the country in the upcoming election, knowing that FPJ would surely win these CirCus.
Back when i was in college and Erap bid for presidency, i told my self that it will be the end of this country, i mean he was known as an idiot, a womanizer and a drunk (in which i guess its true cuz Erap is very much vocal about it) and he win and still the country is intact, yes we witness various happenings like the WAR at Mindanao, scams here and there, the overthrowing of Gordon and such and of course the impeachment and the People Power second Edition... but the thing is, does it really matter if Erap never won that election, will the country will still be enjoying the 40 pesos into a dollar ratio? i mean look, Erap is long gone from the presidency, but still GMA did very little in restoring the peso from its dwindling rate... thus i there for conclude that, it doesnt matter who would win these upcoming election, but the thing is, we really need to get our acts together, these reminder have been repeated so many times that it would rival the number of the stars in our Galaxy...but the thing it, listening was never a trait of the Filipino (well listening about good heed and plea of changes for that matter).. mind you that im not supporter of FPJ nor ERap, but i would be damn if i would be introduced as a supporter of GMA and co. My point is FPJ/ Glorai/ Roco or Ping, who among them win the election, it doesnt matter, as long as we remain the same selfish/ unmanageable/ and arrogant people as we are, these country is far for being progressive -

"Hindi naman si FPJ and magpapatakbo ng Bansa eh, si Angara pa din at Tito sotto, sya lang yung kukuha ng boto" - Overheard from a Drunk Tricycle driver near our Hangout

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

PAG-IBIG Escapade

This morning, i decided to finally take time to collect that loan of mine from the pag-ibig funds, for the reason that iwas inform that you cannot get a bigger loan unless you have applied for the initial loan fist (initial na 1st pa..labo) Worst, somebody might beat you to it...

anyway... as I leave words to the office that i will be late due to this particular collection, and headed to the pag-ibig branch at Makati Avenue, i start wondering why is it that Filipinos manage to make makati into the city that it is and failed to adopt it to other cities... hmmm... i mean look... the city is neat...(most of it) they have a systematic way of dealing traffic and further more...NO STREET VENDORS (or very limited ones...)[ok na yung nagbebenta nang dyaryo/ sigarilyo or banana que] ... well i know i m dreaming, but i sure wish that i could enjoy the same feeling of easiness while walking at the streets of Carriedo as I am walking in the stretch of Makati Avenue.


OK, i manage to reach the Pagibig office at Anterium Building, and try to collect my measly loan of 3,500+... then the pretty girl at the filling desk ask me where did i file my loan? well of course ignorant as i am, i just reply that it was our admin that filed it for me, then she ask me again, Where is my office located? ...."Well sorry sir, we are not centralize, thus you need to collect your loan from the office where you filed your application"... she said when i told here im from manila. What the **#!.... well i couldn't really blame them, that how things work... but i could not believe my self for missing such detail... damn! then i lok up at that little form/stub that was handed to me to claim my loan... no address, no nothing... then i immediately call the Admin to ask where in the name of Tassadar can i claim my loan? "Bakit ka kasi hindi nag tanung eh?!" a collegue of mine ask... Shit, is it really my fault...DAMN... anyway, i stil manage to get my loan... but there is one little things that is really bothering come people at makati have their freaking addres placed in their stubs for this particular transactions while mine doesn't have any address...only a crazy notice of "NO Follow-Up through Telephone"... hmp... the City is just a few blocks away... but the way they do things in their areas are WORLDS Apart


Monday, November 24, 2003

Welcome to Suddenstriker... nothing much now, cuz i just recently up this blog, give me some time...oke :D