Friday, June 10, 2005

The Fire is Out, the Passion is gone
I Guess were tired
So it seems that even if there will be a real "hard" evidence against the regime of Macapagal Arroyo, people would hardly care.
Even if all the Jueteng Lords in this country admit it that Arroyo have been receiving Payola from this illegal games, the people would hardly care
whether its because they know that
-her removal would not change their socio-economic status
-her resignation would give way to a Puppet of the Elite
-the change would only mean a new guy would be recieiving the same damn payolas
- her admission would not really help the country nor eliminate the scourge of this illegal number game.
The Truth doesnt matter anymore, a friend told me, who cares really if those confessed bagman-turned-state-witness are telling the truth or being used by the opposition to grab the power once more.
Who cares if FPJ is really telling the truth that his been cheated in the previous election
Who cares if the COMELEC is nothing but a puppet of the Ramos-Aquino-Arroyo reign to hold this country untill it crumbles.
Who cares if the dollar end up amounting P100.00/$
It will all be the same, in the eyes of the poor...
the only difference is, we will be much greater in number than before.
there will be no more Edsa, no more cry that the Truth have been murdered, no more College students walking the streets of Quezon City and Manila to express their seemingly disgust tot he current administration. No congressman walking out of the Senate Hall because a lousy envelope were refused to be open, no more murders in the Airport, no more tanks to be stop by the nuns and priest, no more spitting of Politicians, or creating hundreds of websites dedicated to the removal of the president. No more cheap publications designed to the ouster of the president.
All of them are monkeys in a clown suite in the peoples eyes, makes one wonder how come we keep seeing the same entertainers in our Senate Halls and Presidential Palace.
If only we become tierd immediately after the 1st one :)

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