Thursday, June 09, 2005

Short Sighted

I was talking to a collegue, about how some people tend to collect things that seem to be insignificant for our daily toys or comic books. He said that many Americans have these tendency, maybe because they are really fanatics of just plain lucky to have some extra cash. But one needs to understand why people collect things, is it plain hobby or something else.

My collegue share to me that when he was working at McDonalds at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia... his co-workers wonders why he spend 200 dollars for a bunch of Snoopy Figurines (the Character in the comic Peanuts). He said that even though it seems stupid now, one ould not deny the value this things could hold several decades from now, these things are collectors items, specially now that the author of that world famous comic book-Mr. Charles M. Schulz - have died.Sooner or later, other hobbyist would be looking for these items to add for their collections, thus such investments could actually paid off.

Now, what that teach us?

Ever wonder howcome we have a huge problems with traffic, or with overpopulation and political leadership. Because most of our countrymen have a hard time looking farther than tommorow (some are even sooo short sighted, they can even look beyond NOW).


If our leaders just stop think before they start creating something, they might realized that some roads/bridges or infrastructure should be made trice of the original necessity of the present times. It's just like one of those stories shared by Sen. Juan Flavier in his book "Back to the Barrios" He narrate that some barrio folks thought that the contrcution of the bridge have been excessive for it now can hold five carabaos walking side by side, but ten years after, that same bridge have proven to be obsolete. Same with the widening project of the NLEX 8 years ago, after adding another lane from Malinta tollgate to Balintawak, 4 years after, they undergo a much larger contruction, wasting the contruction of that same lanes 4 years earlier. some might say that making something excessive for the current use is expensive... but looking at homw much it gonna cost now, and the cost and hassle it will bring a few years after, i guess its very much justifiable.

Leadership and Population

As long as we as a country failed to look farther to the horizon, we could never expect progress in our country, Why do people keep voting and installing the same leaders that we know are corrupt and have vested interest. Why are we so willing to sell our vote thinking that whoever we place there could never help us in our effort to have a better life. why are we so stuborn to always worry things when they are alreay here and never plan ahead, How come so many marriage and childbirth seems to be aproduct of an accident rather than a well place plan.

We cry for change, we thirst for progress, yet we refuse to lif our head and look beyond the horizon

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